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Melvins Show Reviews / Melbourne Soundwave 2011
March 05, 2011, 06:00:19 PM
Melvins without a doubt best performance of the day!
Virtually an identical set to Thursday night @ Palais Theatre, which was a great set!

This isn't my recording unfortunately, not a bad video though!
Well Melvins made up for all the shitty queues and high prices for Soundwave!!! Fuck Rob Zombie up his stupid arse for running overtime 10 minutes, but fucking awesome performance! Virtually identical setlist to the night before but it workd oh so well!
oh boy oh boy oh boy

might have to start saving now and maybe follow the tour.....
Quote from: The Fool on February 17, 2011, 10:31:30 PM
Quote from: Eponymous on February 17, 2011, 10:23:22 PM
Quote from: Bigval on February 16, 2011, 12:02:29 PM
Primus/Melvins sideshow in Melbourne now sold out.

It's also at an aweful venue, The Palais. I don't want to have to sit down for a rock show!

Agreed, but it's better than nothing!
Which reminds me I still need to collect my ticket, hey wayniac?  8)
Indeed a disappointing venue but indeed better than nothing!

And yes The Fool you do need to collect your ticket... You due to be in my area anytime soon? I can post it to you if you like, or even give it to you there???
hmmm just read that Saxon are not going to play at Soundwave or their sidewave w/The Sword

I know this totally will not happen but I would LOVE Melvins to be the headline at The Sword sidewave...

Dreams don't have to be realistic!!
don't suppose anyone would have any ideas what kind of setlist to expect at either shows (opening for primus/soundwave)??
Glad to hear your still safe, we (gf and I) were both hoping you were OK. Thankfully Saturday was not near us, although I stayed at my parents to escape the heat, and there were a couple of fires nearby (Cranbourne and Narre Warren Nth I think). There was quite a dust storm, then minutes later it was full of smoke too.

And remember there's always a safe place for your CDs at my house if you need it  :lol:

Hope anyone else in the area on this forum is allright too
OK, finally here they are, unfortunately not really worth the wait. Ahh well...

First Show

Second Show

I have 5 or 6 photos on my phone, but they're pretty average quality. 2 of them have Trevor Dunn in them, I'll upload them later if anyone wants them
Hi all,

I think I'm the friend that The Fool was referring to who had Spread Eagle Beagle footage. It's pretty crap quality as it was just from a phone and it's only 30 seconds (didn't trust myself in my slightly drunken state to hold my phone up any longer)

Anyway I've uploaded it to YouTube,

I got a few pics aswell, will upload them later. They're also shoddy quality unfortunately :(

Enjoy, I know I did!!!