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thats from last night in brooklyn at luna lounge.

night 1: oct 5: irving plaza.
was really good. people going crazy. your blessened was dope. buzz with his buzz fan. saw vinney and ian. there was a pit. some dude stepped on my foot.
my neck hurt the next day something fucking wicked.

night 2: oct 6: luna lounge.
must be a new venue. north six closed down and this sure will do as a replacement. no re-entry but that was ok. pabst in a bottle? fine by me. noticed the squid shirt from new years was only in xl. kind of annoying. got an eggnog shirt the day before anyway.
i was really fucking out of sorts but i felt better after downing vitamin c and echinacea.
venue was small. the previous night i was all the way on the left. those big biz guys are nice and all but the melvins are ma boys so this night i was directly in front of buzz - which i havent been since the first time i saw them. before i was legal.
they played: "i wanna hold your hand" [some of you ol timers might remember this as a beatles classic].
reminds me of the "what do you want to hear melvins cover" i dont recall this entering my wishlist but it was amusing nonetheless.

jesus you know how many people were at these goddamn shows. are any of you from new york? not the ones that matter anyway. no one came up and said: "hey dytm let me buy you a DRANK." wtf.
2nd night much better than first. also i was looking forward to dwight fry the second night hardcore.

i like big biz and all but i just wanna see melvins. lucky i bring silly putty with me now wherever i go and ive got a legit prescription for klonopin if waiting gets too much for my mind tassles.

well bitches, this is the best review i could muster. you would think a qwerty of my caliber could slather on the deli mustard and not the dijon but ive gotta life too, ma.
Melvins Discussion / buzz talks custom nikes. $$
March 04, 2007, 11:40:42 PM

sigh. tonights been a night guys. a real night where you did for your favorite book and read while listening to music so as not to explode.  :cry:

bigger attached.
delete this if its already been posted- wise mods. i searched and didnt see this up.

[attachment deleted by admin]
buzz on korpiklaani's happy little boozer:
"again i like this song title without even hearing it. it sort of sounds like heavy metal pogues or a heavy metal irish spring commercial combined with a soccer hooligan chant, or riverdance on crystal meth. i like the idea of heavy metal, hyperactive, drunken leprechauns flipping out over this stuff. its very catchy"

if you picked up this issue the tool review is also a must [as in: these guys are my friends and i cant really give a non-vague opinion].
mike patton q&a and some other cool stuff.
quick personal review of this magazine: every issue is fucking awesome.
Melvins Discussion / Ozma Tattoo Update: Complete
March 25, 2006, 11:48:09 PM
well. i got my trustworthiest tattoo man to give me my ozma. been waiting too long. its blown up and its regal. check out the fresh glare from bacitractin treatment. its hard to pick a favorite but this was supposed to be my first. I got how I wanted the shading exactly [hard to see with the fresh pic...] and thought the red lips and blue eyes were a MUST. Just thought that since we had gone over this before I'd show you the results.

heres it zoomed out a bit. the angles off, blame the weather. the only thing that bothers me is that I cant see it outright. I suppose I look at the cover basically everyday anyway because its nearby and visible but here:

if anyone is ever interested on it after it heals - feel free to hit me up via email- or the godawful myspace machine-

-rebecca kish
ps i know im usually silent on this board. i tend to absorb and be amused by you guys more than i give actual imput. keep it up.