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Melvins Show Reviews / Fri Jan 26 2018 - Alex's Bar, Long Beach
« on: January 03, 2018, 01:00:00 AM »
Arrrgh slept on this and didn't get tix, site says they're now off sale... I was supposed to get a pair for me and a pal, now he's pissed. Anyone here ends up having a couple extras and can help out, please PM me with your price.

Everyone else, have fun, should be a wild show. Looking forward to the recap if I can't get in.

Melvins Discussion / Euthanasia by Poneman/Pavitt?
« on: February 22, 2011, 10:07:55 PM »
Checking this out just now, I clicked on the 'enlarge' to read the text on this flexi to see what label it was on or who put it out, and it looks like it says "Music: Poneman/Lyrics: Pavitt"

That's not true is it?

hope its ok to post this here, it not being a full Melvins gig.

in all it was pretty cool. sorta tag team, free-form noise gtr type stuff.

there were 2 amp setups, one for Buzz and Duane Denison, and one for Steve Turner and HazeXXL. one guy from each of those pairs were on at any one time, and they sort of rotated and noodled. at times it would gel together then break apart and they'd be doing their own things. they wore these ski mask things so you couldn't see their faces, but even if you were standing back a bit you could tell who was who by their styles and body sizes. my only complaint really was that it could have been a lot louder.

i think they had just started when we got in there at 7, and if so it was kinda short, they played a total of maybe 30 to 40 minutes, i don't think it was more than that. but the price was right (free). it was in this dark square room with this big, blacklighted and thus glowing fluorescent twine sculpture thing in the middle that I guess Dalek made. the walls were all painted geometrical shapes.

there was a small silkscreened poster that was $10, i picked one up. shoulda bought more to trade probably. you'd have thought a multinational conglomerate like Hurley could have given them out free, but the show itself was free so i guess that makes up for it. i don't know where my camera is right now, i'll try and photograph it later. its a color version of the flyer you see here:

anyhow, glad i went. it'd be pretty cool if they all got together and put something out along the lines of what went down. or did more gigs. or both.

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