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Melvins Album Discussion / Melvins vs Minneapolis
November 01, 2009, 03:07:42 PM
I ordered this cd last week and should be getting it within a couple days. Just wanted to know how the sound quality on it is? Not that it matters as it is a ton of live Melvins, but just curious.
I picked up an extra copy of the Set Me Straight 7" because it was such a damn good deal. If anyone on here is interested in making a trade for it that would be awesome. I am open to any trade offers for any 7"s. Mainly looking for With Yo Heart Not Yo Hands 7" in any color vinyl except black(which I have) or Melvins/Cosmic Psychos split
Melvins Discussion / MY KICK ASS EBAY FIND!!!!!!
October 19, 2009, 10:18:33 AM
I am so happy I could shit gold bricks. I just won a copy of The End LP on ebay for $74 after shipping. #007/500!!!!   :D/ :D/ :D/ :D/
Melvins Discussion / Colossus of Destiny question
October 04, 2009, 12:07:23 AM
Is there a live video of this show floating around somewhere in cyberspace? For some reason I really want to see the crowd's reaction once they realized what was going on. Plus, I would like to see the set-up they had for this.
Melvins Discussion / Pigs Of The Roman Empire live
October 01, 2009, 06:49:03 PM
according to many of the set lists I have read from this tour, Melvins have been opening a lot of their shows with POTRE title track. I was just wondering what the average length was for this song when you saw them?I know they didn't play the whole 22 or so minutes when I saw them but I can't remember how long they did play it.
Melvins Discussion / your Melvins shirts
September 20, 2009, 05:56:12 PM
just wanted to see how many Melvins shirts each of you has, even if you don't wear them anymore. I have seen the pics that are on the site and they all look sweet. Right now I only have 8, but I have only been a devotee for 4 years. I've got the new version of the Houdini shirt and Happy Halloween Bitch shirts, the octopus shirt from ASA tour,  Giant Teeth(Melvins/BB tour shirt), white shirt w/ red dragon thing on it, 20 years shirt with dog taking a shit, See You In Hell shirt, and the gold eagle with red logo.
Melvins Discussion / Mackie O interview
September 12, 2009, 11:28:26 AM
I'm sure this has already been posted at some point, but I just read it and decided to share it anyway.
I would just like to say that as of yesterday(8/30/09), my girlfriend became an official Melvins fan!  I decided I was going to start her induction from the beginning and work my through to the end. So I started her with Mangled Demos from 1983 and we ended on Bullhead. When I see her tomorrow we will start with Eggnog and go from there. Sh really liked GPT and Bullhead and was impressed a 3 piece band could create that much heavy volume. I burnt her an "all purpose Melvins cd" that has 83 songs on it covering every album. If only she didn't have to work, she would be going with us to Orlando on Wednesday.  :toke:
The only one I know of is that I believe Lorax got fired for being a junkie. just curious as to the reasons the rest have been fired.
Melvins Show Reviews / Orlando 9-2-2009
August 28, 2009, 10:34:32 PM
I know it is still a few days away, but I am so damn excited to be seeing the Melvins again; even if it is opening for Down. Fortunately the two people I am going with do not like Down so we will not be staying for that garbage.
Melvins Discussion / Melvins message board
August 25, 2009, 03:39:26 AM
Ok, I am going to cheese out a little here for a minute. I just wanted to say how much I love this fucking board! Ever since I have been here it has been like a new home. A place where Melvins fanatics such as myself can congregate, not to mention trade and download music. And most of the people seem cool.  Why did I wait so long before I joined?
Melvins Discussion / Melvins fan art
August 20, 2009, 07:50:20 PM
Not sure if there is already a thread on here for this. I am curious to see if any of you Melvins fiends on here have created your own Melvins posters or other artwork?
Since I don't get to see them play until next month, would someone mind posting pics of some of the merch. Melvins are selling on this tour? Thanks. You are awesome :toke:
Melvins Discussion / old Melvins shirts wanted
August 17, 2009, 07:57:19 PM
(Sieg) Howdy. I am new to the boards and am searching desperately for older Melvins shirts, preferably in size XL, but Large will do as well. I will pay good money for them if they are in good shape
Melvins Discussion / Colossus of Destiny question
August 13, 2009, 03:32:34 PM
I have read several reviews for this album that state this was released by Melvins as a joke Just wondering if this was true. I love the album no matter what, I was just curious. Either way, I think it was a brilliant idea to play a "noise/experimental" show and then release it as a live albun.