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Melvins coming to Perth, Western Australia? Are you fucking serious?
Melvins Discussion / Bullhead or Honky?
July 16, 2004, 07:02:44 AM
my local record store has in right now copies of Bullhead and Honky, and I want to get one. Which is better in your opinions?

If they are both kick ass, I'll just buy both of them! :D:D:D

PS- Check my trade list, I am soon to get some new Melvins shows :)
Melvins Show Reviews / PERTH GEEK SHOW
June 13, 2004, 04:21:44 AM
Wow i late to post, but I see topic of Sydney Geek Show, so I talk of PERTH Geek Show!

The show is in The Metro, a small place usually for crappy DJ music, but this night was Melvins, Fantomas and Tomahawk... and maybe somebody else?!

The Melvins was awesome, and this is first time I ever seen them live, and it was amazinnngg! Tomahawk and Fantomas was good also...

And THEN, i ready to left (Some people did leave already!) but I waited for 20 minutes, and then, OUT COMES BIG BAND! And the Big Band play for 15-20 minutes, not songs i recognizing, but GREAT! So awesome!

So... the perth Geek Show rocked. :D:D:D