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Melvins Discussion / Re: About Dale
October 26, 2009, 12:37:04 PM
Quote from: Uncle Fester on October 26, 2009, 04:02:20 AM
Dale Crover is my fester parent. true.

Melvins Discussion / Re: Melvins and Down to tour
June 17, 2009, 12:14:27 PM
Quote from: PhilxCore on June 17, 2009, 12:01:06 PM
I see the mood has changed a whole lot here. People have realised they were actually being closeminded about Down's music (which the majority have admitted they've heard very little of) and their fans, who are welcoming of Melvins playing.

Kinda sounds like what I've been saying all along...

My gut reaction was, well, reactionary but it's funny because that's totally true. You're approach was ridiculous. Do the ends really justify the means?
Melvins Discussion / Re: Melvins and Down to tour
June 16, 2009, 10:41:54 AM
Melvins Discussion / Re: Melvins and Down to tour
June 16, 2009, 10:24:32 AM
Melvins Discussion / Re: Melvins and Down to tour
June 16, 2009, 09:56:50 AM
Quote from: PhilxCore on June 15, 2009, 05:51:21 PM
Right, I can't be arsed with this trolling shit anymore, it's too easy.

To be honest, you lot have all come across vastly more ignorant and idiotic than the Down fans. I was fucking excited when I heard Melvins had been added, I like them and appreciate their music.

Then I heard that apparently the Melvins' fans weren't too happy. I checked it out. You lot are making fools of yourselves. The two bands are close friends producing music with many crossover fans. Both bands even consider Sabbath as their major influnece. I can't see why you lot see this as such an offensive tour.

The aggressive nature of Down fans to which less than a handful of Melvins fans have been referring to is rather clear here. You spent time researching how a select few people feel because you "heard they were taking shit". SOMETHING HAD TO BE DONE. SO, you proceed to infiltrate a message board with intent to troll (a misdemeanor in some states) so you can fool everybody into thinking you are as dumb as you think they think you MAY be. Then, in true Wicker Man fashion, you're great plan is revealed and HOORAH, (everyone GASPS) and you REALLY embarrass the fools for their sheer ignorance. Wait a minute, are you serious? This is your life?

Secondly, to beat a troll, you have to step into the mind of a troll, and go to the message bridge where trolls come from...

Here are some quotes from your message board, one that you apparently ARE THE VOICE OF and has nothing bad to say about the Melvins:

"I was listeing to eggnog before ANYBODY fucking knew who the melvins were....

like 1991

they fucking suck......


I hate that band now really not a band cause they get new bass players every five minutes..

they fucking come out on stage wearing capes for gods sake....

I think we should all head over to that board and start educating the retarded masses....

that music sucks...
it had its place back in the day but holy shit why did they stay so popular?

crap pure fucking crap

down is gonna blow these weirdos right off the stage....

and congrats to the melvins for finally getting to play in front of a big crowd...
buzzo needs to thank the band for the holy interaction"

From someone who must prove he has cred because of both age AND hate. Just as people call him out on it, proving one person doesn't speak for everyone on a message board, please realize that everyone on here has opinions, and they are just that.


"tell them if they dont turn off the soap opera the fucking devil is gonna make an appearance...

:lol: Do it."

vague threats? ha.

"Man I just read all of that thread on Melvins board, those guys are fucking douches.

They all assume Down fans are 15 year old Pantera fans who refuse to listen to anything which is fawwwking Panteraaazz.

They are also in denial that Anselmo is clean and now a humble man (like the rest of the world).

They're coming across as the much more ignorant fans, they seem to think there isn't any crossover between the two bands :?

Finally, the majority of them think Melvins would headline...


Might be you? Anyway, "they all"??? Who, the 4 people who said something SLIGHTLY negative (it's only opinions) about another band on a 2,000 member board? Jesus.


"Only problem will be having to deal with idiot Melvins fans, haha."


Then locked posts, presumably with more threats towards people who like other things. Also, an entire page dedicated to .jpgs of elitist posters and jokes.


AND lastly, Melvins and Down are not close friends, as you say, and most of your Melvins "facts" are way off. Type in Phil's name into google, you'll find a lot of love and hate. Type in Buzzo's name and you'll find the same. It's the internet. Do what you do. You can't confront or beat up EVERYONE, can you?
Quote from: Leigh on May 08, 2008, 11:52:16 AM
I was just reading the lyrics to the song BUZZ-IN from Boris's latest album Smile. What is being described in said lyrics can only be the Salad of a Thousand Delights vid. The following lines tipped me off: "The guitarist has his pocket turned out and shown" "He wears a purple bikini, and he has two sticks sticking out of it" "Here comes a Big Mosh 'OMG, the music hasn't started yet!'" There's more. Open up your copy and check it out.

The next lines read: "I cut a piece of muumuu when you were turned around. It was sweaty. I wish Joe would push me off the stage some day. Why won't you text me back? I made a band for you. Why do you always ask me if I'm carrying a knife?"
Melvins Discussion / Re: Any word on the box set?
May 08, 2008, 03:25:54 PM
Lies! Lies! They're all lies!
Right, right... It was just strange that they had multiple copies of only one misprinted single as well as the boot. Thanks for the response.
At a record store not too long ago, I picked up "The Brain Center At Whipples/Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World" 7" as well as the "Outtakes From First 7"" repress. A couple weeks later, I found the entire H.A.T. set at a different store. When comparing "The Brain Center.." singles, I noticed that on the one I bought first, the jacket was printed backwards (the back side printed on the side that is a little longer). Wasn't that Outtakes 7"  more or less a bootleg? The store had multiple copies of each and I was wondering anyone's thoughts on this. I'd post pictures but I'm at work. Thanks! Sorry if you didn't find this to be the least bit peculiar.
"Courtney Love is totally right and amazingly beautiful! And she's a mother, that's great. Great, great, great!"

Quote from: 3d-alex on April 17, 2008, 08:26:36 AM

Here's the DVD cover (I think)  and some info about the DVD itself:

Tim Burton likes The Melvins?
Melvins Discussion / Re: Interview with dale/buzz
March 20, 2008, 03:14:14 PM
Ha, I love the pop-up video aspect.
Yeah, that's weird, considering they were just sucking Black Mountain's dick for a while.
Melvins Album Discussion / Re: The End (2003)
January 22, 2008, 12:15:14 PM
You can pre-order this at Aquarius.
Melvins Discussion / Re: a new MELVINS LP...
January 10, 2008, 08:36:08 PM
Quote from: mopafeena on January 10, 2008, 07:50:01 PM
Might be Eggnog/Lysol live maybe?

Gulp. That would be awesome!