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Melvins Discussion / Re: Bad Mood Rising
December 19, 2022, 09:20:59 PM
yeah i think so to...bad mood felt way shorter today, and i just... nooo already? 

So i did the natural thing in my position, I took 1st listen to five L D  ... headphones didnt come off

i paused after eye flyes had stuck on repeat ....that one is outstanding! so that lead to I couldnt keep my hands away from my classical nylon...

So i have most of the album for later ...

finally really good albums again...i been kind of disapointed about everything since basses loaded, and the even worse with mike & death i need to listen more, maybe listened to it twice. pinkus i put in the car so that got many spins ... i have heard it 50 times easy, not because its super good but i really wanted it to be ...Dont forget to breathe is a masterpiece, Pinkus creation mainly?? that bass and the vocals is really nice. Or maybe steven had his fingers in that bassline ... i never listened to redd kross ... so. And working with god i really had my hopes up there to...i know 1 or two tracks got extra spins but i cant remember ... but i have to Headphone that one !!

And Dales two albums ...

i like my headphones more and more ... they are bluetooth from not hifi .... i guess since it is enjoyable it good enough

I have heard about headphone listeners and the money they dish out sometimes are insane,

Im curious, maybe should go to a real hifi-store where the the fuses are dipped in molten gold and speakercables are cured in pure pixie-dust.... just to se what REALLY good ones can sound like...

Now when i look back at what i wrote im thinking im spoiled favourite band is workaholics and releases something album like at least once a year ....

Could be worse for shure.
Melvins Discussion / Re: Bad Mood Rising
December 19, 2022, 04:01:23 PM
Second listen now ... Mr dog is fantastic .. love the little guitarriff that comes halfway through first half, ugly and effective ...  and buzz´s singing higher cleaner notes then i can remember ? 

he might have taken some lessons or gone to a vocal coach ... I like it, it really fits the song, more nuances (spelling) than usual with buzz...

i love how they can do whatever the hell soundwise and you wont ever not hear who it is ...

Thinking about Mastodon, quite the opposite....wouldnt hear it was them if some newer material played somewhere..

"never say youre sorry" just started here ..... wow first listen i wasnt at all in the mood for this .... Now its perfect,

how are you guys listening, on stereo speakers or headphones ??    i tried headphones today ... maybe it´s that
Quote from: ))))(((( on December 12, 2022, 01:40:58 PM
Quote from: Tobias on December 08, 2022, 01:38:41 PM
Also available at Revolver with them on the winter issue with cover shot by Adam Jones. 3 covers
I went to my local store today to buy the Melvins Revolver magazine. They didn't have it! But i was amazed to see just how many music magazines there are on the market. Way more than i would have thought. Lots clutching to old acts too - The Beatles and Led Zep were on the cover of two of them.

I looked for it today at sweden´s biggest magazine distru ... did´nt even carry it...yet, i sent in a request ... Lol
Quote from: black stallion on December 15, 2022, 10:15:36 AM
I think it's Kevin
Quote from: vince furnier on December 15, 2022, 09:54:17 AM
i'd say that's the bass on a delay pedal but maybe Buzz is manipulating the tempo on it. it fluctuates but Kevin isn't doing anything on pedals. could also be an fx pedal the sound guy is using. i saw him switch on a reverb pedal for a short part of a song this summer and then turn it off maybe 30 seconds later.

ah ok .. Wonder why. And do you agree it continues in the background kind of ? ?
Melvins Lyrics & Tabs / Re: Playing With Teeth Question
December 15, 2022, 10:40:17 AM
Quote from: amazonAMAZON on December 01, 2022, 12:29:11 PM
B->D should just be a minor third. Never tried this tuning myself.

Hehe i knew it was a name to it =)
right at the beginning until 18 secs .... but you can hear it continues.. bap bap bap bap bap bap bap. first really fast repeating then slowing down  .. what ?? 

why ?? 

broken delay pedal ???  I think i have heard it on other shows around that era

does anyone here know what that is and why ??
Melvins Lyrics & Tabs / Re: Playing With Teeth Question
November 27, 2022, 03:23:54 AM
Quote from: joelk on August 17, 2016, 01:53:58 PM
The tabs I find for this are often wrong, especially if you watch Buzz play it. It seems like he takes the C from fret 3 and bringsa it up to a single string , muted noise riff on fret 10 (a string). But unlike the tabs that move you from fret 3 to fret 2 (power chord), going down from the a string 10th fret to 9th fret doesn;t sound right. Anyone know what he's doing here to make the b chord part of that riff?
Quote from: Dumpster D on October 22, 2016, 03:26:21 PM
Dont depend on tabs, Just use your ear. you will pick things up quicker.

Second, Call me a crazy Lunatic, but I want you to try something and get back to me on this: Try tuning down to open G (slide guitar blues tuning) but then Drop the D down again so its like double Drop D kinda.  Try playing some of the opening riffs from LYSOL in that tuning while barring the notes and listen to the way it you think its how Buzz gets some of those chords to sound dissonant?  Its an interesting trick and It would not surprise me if this was the tuning.

I could be completely wrong but Im playing with teeth and it seems to work in this tuning but I am probly mistaken, I dont see them playing Dwight fry in open G tuning so...need another opinion.

You are right about the way it sounds different and I noticed the same thing the way I was playing compared to the way it sounds on the recording.

Sorry for waking up this dead thread but this is kind of suprising to just stop after 2 posts.

I heard about buzzos use of the CGdgbe tuning a while after bride screamed murder and it was by chance on instagram, someone did the water glass riff perfectly ONCE !  And i just lost my jaw first and just watched that few seconds long clip of that riff again and again, finally i ended up here, where i finally found the tuning, the insta clip did not reveal anything or even answer questions. 

So i played around with that tuning and searched for waterglass tabs, found a good one but a short while after i got bored and forgot about it all

But now after Buzz did "riff lords" on Gibson Youtube channel i get how all those songs by melvins that i never could get close to sounding right, HEHE i think i have looked at  EVERY tab in existance for "Amazon"  ten times over and maybe some of them had the CG... tuning included but the sequence of those notes/chords never was correct and i couldnt figure it out...everything i tried sounded way off.... But now i can play that amazing crazy song  and it´s so easy with the "double-drop-D" tuning as you called it... 

And that´s very fitting .... hehe.  I tried dropping the high E-string to D and it works...i know that doing this in regular drop D is called "double drop d"   

ok, C G D G B D  haha
So now  there´s two-string one-finger chords EVERYWHERE.   The now High D and second string B doesnt do a powerchord, but lots of interesting unfamiliar sounds that is perfect to fiddle around with =)  Well i know jack shit about chord theory but i think a straight B and D note has some fancy name ...

hope this thread springs to life ... there are still lots of melv songs i can´t quite figure out.
Quote from: vince furnier on June 10, 2019, 06:30:54 AM
yikes! email to brian?

Yeah have the adress ??
i dont know if it´s themselves or some asshole´s but ...  do you know ?
Melvins Discussion / Re: European Tour Dates 2019
June 10, 2019, 04:23:16 AM
oh man back injurys is the worst ... hope has a speedy recovery. 

anyone have any info on what might have happened?  Or is the  same old thing with disc-compression from playing maybe ??
dont have anything to trade but i really want to hear that show
Melvins Discussion / Re: HAPPY BIRTHDAY KING BUZZO!
March 25, 2013, 02:35:12 PM
read on wikipedia, that buzz was born today, march 25 that right?
Melvins Show Reviews / Re: October 24th - Debaser, Malm
November 06, 2011, 01:43:26 AM
Quote from: Gr3v3n on November 02, 2011, 04:30:02 PM
Best Melvins show I've seen in a good while.

the letter to the right is the tuning of the song right?
Melvins Show Reviews / Re: October 24th - Debaser, Malm
October 30, 2011, 09:12:01 AM
first time i saw the melvins and it was was just surreal being a standing few feet from kingbuzz. loved the setlist, at once i thougt they were about to play crawl but they did'nt, that would have been something.  when they played amazon i was just totaly pounded in to the ground and i loved it.  and later when the intro to the bit started's not me controlling my body in a few moments =). Im going to watch Melvins many times

i think i were one of the "locals" who you talked to Jules, but im not really local in malm