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Melvins Discussion / Re: Freak Puke Vinyl
October 22, 2012, 01:49:46 PM
I have a NM copy of Tora, Tora, Tora that I'd be willing to trade for a Skinner and ANY of the new Melvins 10" EP's if anyone is interested.
I actually like the Skinner.

There's a sealed copy of the Trilogy on Ebay right now for $199.99.  It's not mine, but I wish it was.
If the Hitler version really did exist, Buzz would probably have them.
I have an extra Junko 7" picture disc that I'd be willing to trade for #5 or 6 Sugar Daddy splits, A 10" 1983 vinyl, any Freak Puke vinyl, or a bulls & bees vinyl.  I might even through in some $$$ depending on the item.

Oh yeah, I also have a near mint copy of Tora, Tora, Tora for trade if anyone's interested.

I know that sealed copies are worth more than opened ones.  I just think that this is a special situation.  Most people want certain artists, myself included.  I think that, because of this, there are many more people opening these than a "normal" release which means that there will be far fewer sealed copies than with past releases.
I finally got a sealed copy of Freak Puke off Ebay for $51 including priority shipping.  I'm pretty sure that I'll open it but that got me thinking.  It seems like just about everyone is opening their copies.  Does that mean that in a year or so sealed copies will become much more valuable than the opened ones.  If I can get another at a reasonable price (like off Am Rep) I'll probably keep it sealed.  I'm not in this for the money.  I've never sold a single Melvins item.  They're mine to treasure but a sealed copy would be another treasure of MINE.
What do you think?
Got the West Coast version of Message Saved/Thank You off Ebay for $70 with free OVERNIGHT shipping!  Less than 24 hours after paying for it I had it in my hands!
Is it the Trilogy?  The fetus?  the Senile Animal box with the belt buckle & comic?  What's your opinion and do you own it?

I really love my can of Melvins Meat but I would sure like to have the fetus.
I just got an excellent condition unwrapped copy of The Trilogy on Ebay for $95.  The same person has a wrapped one for $200 (both Buy it now).
Jush got the whole set of 5 Melvins/Hammerhead splits for $125.  That's pretty much at cost.  I'll end up with an extra Junko Mizuno disc since that's the only one I've got right now (off the AmRep site).  Anyone want to trade any of the Melvins 12 AmRep singles for it?
They also have the Junko Mizuno Melvins/Hammerhead split for sale right now on the Amrep site!
Just got an email from Newbury that my CD shipped today!
Shit!  I forgot to say that I live in the Monterey area!
This is Wed. the 11th at The Blank Club on Almaden in San Jose.  Starts at 8:00 with Unsane opening.

PM me!