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Melvins Album Discussion / Re: Nude With Boots
« on: March 31, 2008, 02:56:16 AM »

I just miss the patience it took to listen to them,


Melvins Discussion / Re: Nude With Boots track list
« on: March 29, 2008, 05:23:16 AM »
Look what I found....  :D

Nude With Boots Tracklist:
1.The Kicking Machine
2.Billy Fish
3.Dog Island
4.Dies Iraea
5.Suicide In Progress
6.The Smiling Cobra
7.Nude With Boots
9.The Stupid Creep
10. The Savage Hippy
11.It Tastes Better Than The Truth

 :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

Melvins Album Discussion / Re: Nude With Boots
« on: March 28, 2008, 03:36:43 AM »
eleven tracks!!!wow!it  means nine totally new tracks if SIP and BILLY FISH will be in the new album  .remember when ASA  and POTRE came out,i was able to download  it on soulseek since two months before the official date release .in this moment i tried  searching melvins 2008 or Nude With Boots but without results.

yes!!!if you look at pictures on Toshi's myspace page:

under every pics of the recording session there is "NWB day" .....i could think before!
hope to download the album on soulseek before,cause july is too far and i have to sleep at night.

Melvins Discussion / Re: Toshi posted a bulletin
« on: March 25, 2008, 08:13:56 AM »

is not connected with the thread but didn't know where post this so...
have anyone seen this melvins myspace page...i found a message  from this to the official melvins myspace page....think is unofficial  ,but is veryvery cool for the live songs...take a look!

Melvins Discussion / Dale new interview
« on: March 25, 2008, 07:09:46 AM »
Just found this cool interview (except for the boring questions about grunge,nirvana blah blah blah) with Dale Crover on an Italian site....he talks also about the new upcoming album and what he says in my opinion is what everyone of you want to hear about the new english is bad so sorry if the translate will be not the best.

search the interview (click on senile animal's cover) in this link:

here the translation:

Dale Crover is a piece of history of Rock music, not so much for his temporary featuring with the Nirvanas of Kurt Cobain, how much for his militancy in the Melvins, the band that has changed the American music scene contributing to the birth of the Grunge. Dale tells to using his typical funny tones ...

And.B. - Hi Dale, is for us a great honor to be able to interview a legend of rock as you. At first,how are you?

Dale - Everything well thanks!   

E.B. - We can begin the interview speaking of the job that is developing. In 2007 during the tour you have played the song Suicides In Progress. Will it appear on the new album?   

Dale - That song advanced from the sessions for the album (A) Senile Animal. We had decided not to insert it on that album. Now the new album is ready and the song will certainly be included!

E.B. - Could you speak to us how the sound of the Melvins will change on the next upcoming album . have you already thought about new experimentations?   

Dale - the songs of the new album are more mysterious than the songs of (A) Senile Animal. It is not a very direct album, is not a straight album ,but if I must say mine, it is quite a lot involving. Buzz says that he prefers it to (A) Senile Animal and it is probably right. We make always a such disorder in study with all the crazy sounds and the instruments! We do not have never fear to try new and different solutions. Many bands are worried to exit itself from just the shell, but for the Melvins is not so!

E.B. -- What do you think about (A) Senile Animal?

Dale - (A) Senile Animal is an excellent album, one of my particular favourites for the really fun title.

E.B. -- How would you describe your musical evolution from the beginning of your career to date?

Dale - we improved a lot since the beginning and so has improved the quality of our stuff. We can say that the development that we are going so far has changed things always for the better

And.B. - Many consider you the pioneers of the Sludge. What do you think about
the classifications of music?

Dale -  Oh, I shiver when I hear to classify a certain musical type.  All was born when rock journalists ,lacking some culture, decided to give a name to all.  I consider them a drunk sort of journalists.

 E. B.  - You influenced a lot of bands, from the Nirvana in which played for a short period until to Boris.  How do you feel about it? 

Dale -  i feel as if I were me the big piece in the city!!

E.B. - what's your relationship with the Ipecac Recordings of Mike Patton?is it a good record label also for new experimentals realities?

Dale - In my opinion ipecac is the best label because honest towards any bands. And it is a great record house certain for the one that still looks for in 2008 to make experimental music.

E.B. - Which are your projects for this 2008?   

Dale - Surely will go to tour! Know, I don't succeed in paying me the lease if I remain sat on the couch the whole day!

E.B. - In the last European tour you have been forced to eliminate four dates in Italy and the same tour has also been cancelled subsequently. What problems have you met?   

Dale - Unfortunately we have met problems of planning. Ahah, has not surely annulled the tour because don't love you!

E.B. - And therefore when you will return in Italy will you propose there your historians songs or those of the new album?   

Dale - you intend the hysterical songs true? Yes certain, we will surely do those kind of songs!
we didn't know that Fellini had been a director until we didn't come in Italy. there are  beautiful crazy persons group of eccentric in Italy there! I obviously tell it in positive sense. Then don't forget that from you there is the best coffee and food of the world! Please, tell us your secrets. we would remain in Italy there if you revealed them to us!

E.B. - Ahah, we waits you with pleasure. And what's your good tied up memory to your career instead?   

Dale - I have indeed million Of it, but if I had to choose I would answer you to play with the Stooges and the Kiss. A memorable experience that I have always wanted to put in prominence.

E.B. - But do you regret something of your career?   

Dale - Absolutely no!

E.B. - Changing discourse, how's going with the Fantomas? Do you still collaborate with Lustmord?   

Dale - there is a DVD of the big band Fantomas + Melvins that will go out very soon! to my opinion one of the best DVDs live that I have ever seen. As Lustmord regards, let's hope to be able to also play soon live with him!

E.B. - As last question I would want to ask you to shortly describe us what has been your relationship with Kurt Cobain and with the scene in Seattle.

Dale - my relationship with Kurt has tightly been platonic. And so has always been until the moment in which we are lost indeed there.

E.B. - Thanks thousand Dale for your gentleness. We wish you good luck for this 2008 with the Melvins. You can finish the interview as you prefer. Talk to you soon from!   

Dale - oh,the pleasure is mine. Will see that we will return soon in Italy! Hi for now!

Melvins Discussion / Re: Best Melvins Bass Player
« on: March 18, 2008, 04:08:28 AM »
jared  is a great bass player and an amazing lead singer and i really love this new line up, but in my opinion both kevin ass  both mark d were more influential in melvins songs of their period than jared in a senile animal's songs.
if you listen to stag or stoner witch, you can easily feel that and the same is if you listen to h.a.t.
maybe after 3 or 4 album with jared on bass i could change my opinion...

Melvins Discussion / Re: What makes a typical Melvins Fan ?
« on: March 16, 2008, 07:21:40 AM »
BBS Nick name : black stallion
Real name: Marcello
Sex: male
Age: 29
Nationality: Italian
Where you live: near Milan
Sexual orientation: hetero
Occupation: asshole
Hobbies: playing bass
Favourite food: coconut
Favourite drink: beer
How many other Melvins fans do you know (on here not included): 5
How long have you been a Melvins fan: 13 years
First Melvins album you heard: Prick
First Melvins album you owned: Prick
Favourite Melvins album: Lysol/Ozma
Least Favourite Melvins album: Millenium Monsterwork
Favourite Melvins Track: Hung Bunny-Roman Dog Bird
Least Favourite Melvins Track: g i joe
Favourite Melvins track performed live: Charmicarmicat
Least favourite Melvins track performed live: -
How many times have you seen the Melvins live: 3 times,once like fantomas-melvins big band
How many Melvins albums do you own: all of them except Electroretard (FUCK!!where i can find this album?),Alive at the fucker club and Sieg Howdy
Second Favourite band after the Melvins: more than one...i totally love Thrones and Earth
Any other business: snivlem

Melvins Discussion / Re: What is the most violent melvins song:P
« on: March 15, 2008, 05:39:12 AM »
see how pretty ,see how smart

Melvins Discussion / Re: Best Melvins Bass Player
« on: March 14, 2008, 04:13:52 AM »
kevin rutmanis

Melvins Discussion / Re: Melvins Videos Thread (and much more)
« on: March 11, 2008, 04:06:23 AM »
great,sounds very psychedelic....can't wait for the new album!

Melvins Discussion / Re: Melvins Videos Thread (and much more)
« on: February 23, 2008, 05:41:21 AM »
wow....thanks bathroom,awesome video!

i absolutely like  COD  and Prick....especially Prick
i don't really like Millennium Monsterwork cuz the live recording is very bad and  Patton's vocal on the melvins songs in my opinion doesn't work...
i totally love fantomas stuff and obviously the melvin's but together is not the same thing....
remember when i saw them live,the only moment i really enjoyed was when dale buzz and dss played let it all be without fantomas on stage.

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