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DSS played guitar and I think he played bass at one point. Plus he did some of his noise stuff too. Mike Patton joined in with Buzz on most of the Melvins songs.
Is the cheque in the post?  :lol:
I'll sell you mine.

For One Million Dollars!!!!!
Melvins Album Discussion / Re: Listening to lysol
May 12, 2006, 12:04:34 PM
I love Lysol. I only recently purchased it though.

I lent it to a mate for a couple of weeks, letting him know how amazing it was. I was a terrible couple of weeks waiting to get my hands on it again, especially when I had that 'I need to listen to Lysol today' urge.

Then he had the nerve to say he didn't think it was any good when he gave it back to me.

That's the closest he's even been to getting punched in the face off me!
That was the only shirt up for sale and there were a few posters for sale. 3 from the venues signed and 3 unsigned. A few cd's, lp's and the Neither Here Nor There Book.
And here's the poster!

[attachment deleted by admin]
Once again my appologies for the bad quality pics. I really should invest in a good digital camera!

[attachment deleted by admin]
I'll post a picture of the London poster I got and the tshirt when I get back from work. There is a poster for one of the Italian legs of the tour for sale on ebay -

I didn't realise the tshirt was glow in the dark either. Until I spotted it on the side in my room with the light off. All I could see was this set of glowing teeth!!!!! :shock:
I did spot someone on the stairs at one point (which were a no go area) right next to one of the security guys. So my hopes are still pretty high!  :D
There was a fair old amount of porn flying around outside while queuing up. I never got to see who the mysterious porn thrower was because by the time I