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I've been mulling it over and for reasons (a lot of ins and a lot of outs) I'm going to sell off my Melvins vinyl. All unused and unopened. Most of it purchased at Grumpy's (RIP...seriously wtf... sad world sometimes) and I need a little help with pricing. I can easily see what people are asking on Discogs, eBay etc... and holy shit. Holy shit it's expensive. Yeah, I've been living in a hole and dropped out of collecting a while ago and I'm floored at how expensive shit is.'s tempting to ask for "going rates" but goddamnit if I don't feel like I'm a fucking con if I do. Take my Atlantic year 2016 reissues for example. Unused, unopened..immaculate condition. I think they were $100 each originally. That ain't what they go for now. By a damn sight. What's the right thing to do? Stick to what I paid or go a little greedy (but not too greedy)?

P.s. if i posted in the wrong area i apologize.

What I'll be selling:
Atlantic Years (2016 Haze art, all 3)
Tribute to David Bowie (Clown 7")
Tribute to Queen (Clown 7")
Melvins/Helmet 2013 Invasion 7")
Melvins - War Pussy
Melvins - Live at 3rd Man Records
Melvins -  Sugar Daddy King Buzzo 12"
Melvins - Sugar Daddy 1983 12"
Melvins - Sugar Daddy Karp 12" (where's the goddamn Karp box set already??)
Melvins - A Bride Screamed Murder no. 35/50 special show addition. Autographed and mine says "awesome pawsome" 2x LP. So cool....

Big Business box set (vinyl LPs)
Big Biz - Battlefields Forever
Hew Time LP
Hew Time - Seconds

A Bunch of Letterpress CDs as well...

Melvins Show Reviews / Missoula, MT
September 10, 2012, 02:03:58 AM
Had a blast at this show! Sold out crowd at the Top Hat...which is a cool little venue. Tweak Bird was amazing as always and I'm digging the new material a lot. Glad they had the new EP available. Speaking of went flying off the table tonight. There is no way they will have much left after a few more shows if they don't restock. Assholes walking around with STACKS of the letterpress issues. Happy to have snagged the Electro Retard. Melvins set list was pretty much the same. I really love their new take on a History of Drunks! Just wow! Captain Pugent and Berthas were very much appreciated...well, all of it was appreciated. Show number ten for me. Fargo next!!