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Melvins Discussion / A little story + Melvins compilation
« on: January 31, 2008, 03:34:40 AM »
The other day I played Melvins for my personal counsellor as there was some references to music in the text we were talking about and I was wearing  a melvins shirt, this guy is an accomplished swedish writer and intellectual and in his sixtys, I had expected he`d return the headset after 30 seconds or so, but he sat and listened to the full 8 minutes of Boris and absolutely loved it and now he wants more. He asked if they had classical training and listed a bunch of minimalistic composers he thought they was inspired by, but I told him no and that their background was punk. Also, it opened up a whole new view on my texts for him, as he said "I now understand your esthetics", I`ve been aware that this kind of music is an inspiriation for my writings for a long time, but I was surprised it was that obvious. 
Anyway: Now I`m burning him a compilation of some of my favourites. Here`s the list:
1. Air breather deep in the arms of morpheus.
2. Isabella
3. Lovely butterfly
4. Berthas
5. Hung bunny
6. Roman bird dog
7. Black book
8. Pure digital silence
9. The fool, the meddling idiot
10. The bloated pope
11. Boris
12. The anti vermin seed.

I`ve always enjoyed making disks like this for friends etc. Have any of you ever made a "best of" mevins disc? What would it look like if you did?


Melvins Discussion / the Melvins canon
« on: May 10, 2007, 06:40:58 AM »
Lets make a melvins canon.

Buzz has his list (from the Stockholm interview), 5 albums + 1 song:
- Eggnog
- Stag
- Pigs of the roman empire
- a senile animal
+ nightgoat

Post your list and in two weeks we ad them all (ignoring Buzz) up and find the final list.

- Bullhead
- Honky
- The maggot
- Lysol
- Houdini
+ Charmicarmicat

Pardons if this is a stupid idea, but lets do it anyway. Feel free to change your list during the voting-period.

Melvins Discussion / Favourite Melvins monster-song
« on: March 22, 2007, 05:54:30 PM »
The dialectic respons to Schnabels short Melvins-tunes thread.

Less (and probably more predictable) choices:

Favourite Melvins song of 10 minutes or more.

Anti vermin seed

Melvins Discussion / Buzzopoetry
« on: January 30, 2007, 02:01:29 PM »
Post your favourite lines of poetry from the king.

here`s two that always make me laugh or atleast smile:

'I hate misery and it`s no wonder' - Manky

'I say I can`t but I really mean I won`t' - Boris

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