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Melvins Show Reviews / Mangy Moose, Teton Village WY, July 29 2008
« on: July 31, 2008, 03:54:34 PM »
I'm gonna try not to prattle on, so here goes:
Got to jackson hole a little before 7, went to a campsite to pitch a tent (huh huh) and get over to th venue in time for doors @ 8. Th bar/show area was wide open with a lot of people watching Dale hit drums and check his cool headset mic. Then Coady, Jared, and Buzz. For a sound check they played civilized worm and it sounds a lot like my dreams might sound if they had a sound. Talked to Brian Walsby @ th merch and bought some fun stuff (bigbiz tour ep III, mangled demos, your disease spread quick comic, and an original walsby "I killed kurdt kobain" poster kind of like th one in th manchild 3 comic. no melvins shirts! no vinyl except purge of dissidents 7", only women's small size bigbiz shirts!) . My friend "jer-bear" and I took our loot out to th car and started pounding beers in th parking lot like junior high kids. Saw Dale on th sidewalk at one point and said "good show tonight" or something equally stupid. ANYWAY th show, no morningstar although I saw Tim Moss wandering th place. Big Business plays wonderfully, and wonderfully loud, but not too loud. Much better than when I saw them in SLC. Focused, energetic, tight, happy. Some new songs with a little different feel than I was used to. Short but satisfying. I really like toshi in th band personally. MELVINS, what can I say? Same set list of course, nude with boots is first (not th kicking machine) . I actually saw buzz smile a couple of times. You all must know it was so so so so good, their pa sounded clear as a bell and not too loud, perfect! Buzz said something along th lines of "everytime I step up to th mic whoever's doing lights shines one right in my face, stop it please it's really annoying." I've seen the melvins 4 times (twice in boise, once in portland, and this very show I'm describing) and that's th only thing he's ever said at any of them. Anyway lots of jock punks were beating th shit out of each other in front so I stood as close as I could without getting their testicles all over me. Best show I've seen in a long time, best melvins show of th few I've seen, sublime, trancendent, so good it hurt. Sorry to get long winded. Was anyone else from this forum there? Somehow I doubt it.

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