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I've made a complaint to the venue. Never seen that level of unprofessionalism from a security firm in the 35 years I've been going to gigs.
Security got really heavy handed with a crowd surfer. Gave the kid a couple of digs and a headbutt. Next bit I don't know what happened. Couple of minutes later the security started to mass up then steamed into the middle to pull the dude out. He didn't go quietly. I think a couple of the staff got punched by the dudes friends. That got them frenzied. Acted like fucking savages. My sons girlfriend got hit in head by one of them. Then they just went in hard on anyone who challenged them over their heavy handedness. It ruined an awesome set.
Not sea legs, bass legs. It was mentally bass heavy in that tub.
Melvins Show Reviews / November 4th - The Thekla. Bristol
November 05, 2011, 11:45:12 AM
Really loud!!! Every time Dale stomped his right foot I felt it move my Adam's Apple. Nice short impromptu jam to Jared vocals of "Barnicles, Poop-deck, Rust" Melvins as a trio with Jared. That's a special edition I did get my hands on :)
I came in at Black Stooges, What had I missed in the set?
That was my wife's first Melvins show. She got it. She now understands. And Bootlicker isn't the only Melvins album on her ipod now :D
I want it, chances of getting one though are slim for a UK resident.
Melvins Discussion / Re: 2010 tour cover songs
January 13, 2010, 09:54:31 AM
I'd like to see a medley of Gary Glitter songs Rock and Roll,  Do you wanna touch, and I didnt know I loved you (till I saw You rock and roll). Sludge up with 2 drummers would kill it.
He didn't rent it shoes, he's not taking your fucking turn...[/i]
I get the douchebag and elitist bit of your little rant, but your gonna have to explain the section I've quoted of yours you angry boy.
Oh my, golf I can understand. Nice gentle way to get some fitness in to your life, but Durst?

 I tried it on a .VOB file and the resulting .MPEG played fine on vlc. No conversion needed.. The important bit is unchecking the box next to Hide extensions for known file types in folder options. Hope this works for you..
Hope their still playing Mr DNA by the time they get to ATP in December. Maybe Hanz will post some fresh vids if we are lucky ;)
What's in their set list for this support tour, anything the 4 piece have not played as of yet?