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The Melvins didn't ask for this specific release.  Here's what happened.  The guy at Enterruption releases the first tapes with the melvins ok, sends the melvins a bunch of the tapes, everything is ok.  Guy thinks he can make more money with the same release, presses it on vinyl, sends the melvins a bunch of copies to legitimize it, and makes a lot of money.  This guy has a bunch of the records left over, which he planned on selling himself after it supposedly sold out, but figured he could make more money by having an artist paint over the record and selling them for a high price.  If he had 300 records to sell for himself, at a price of $30 each, that's $9000.  If he sold 220 at the $30 price, that's $6600, plus 20 (his to keep of the new release) times $150 equals $3000.  Total profit for the guy at Enterruption is $9600, before expenses, assuming he had 300 to sell for himself.