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Melvins Discussion / crovers 1991 kit question
January 26, 2014, 11:21:06 AM
does anyone know what that high pitched ringing dale makes on your blessened and the solo on cow? it sounds cool and i heard that its just a bunch of broken cymbals put together but idk about that
I didnt see a topic like this on page one...and i didnt feel like searching i want to know how you fuckers got ahold of the melvins

ill start from the beginning ...i grew up on the heavier music or like GOOD mom raised me right...i would always play led zeppelin 4 cassette when i was real real young....and of course all of my mom's ACDC vinyls:p like it would play constantly

I was always into the underground elementary school times....for example the soundtrack from Twisted Metal 3-4 (video game) had very miniscule bands like unheard of bands such as Ghoulspoon,,pitch minute silence...and i always loved the sound of something nobody you know has ever heard of especially those tunes...and remind you i was in like 2nd grade or before.

But anyways.....Back in like 3rd-4th grade i played tony hawks underground 2 frequently and sweet willy rollbar was on the time i didnt really think much of it but i always thought it was a bad ass wasnt until a few years later I listened to it again and i was like holy fucking shit i need i downloaded (yes, as in not supporting the artist as no record stores know who the melvins are around my place) lingered on my ipod for a few months before i REALLY listened to it...and hooch was the first song i got into...then of course Honey Bucket...and after that the rest is history :p

tell us your story
Melvins Discussion / Gluey porch ...vinyl question
August 25, 2013, 03:48:40 PM
I picked up a copy of gluey at some record store for 30 bucks...and i was wondering if you guys know anything about its authenticity

now knowing the original LP came out in 86... it is out of print. i kinda figured it would be a bootleg or something knowing that..but what the hell

heres pics of the original issue..

and the 2 attatched pics are of my copy...ive noticed 2 differences in the spacing of the info below the tracklisting...and the other difference is the copy i got has made in micronesia in the bottom.

if anybody can tell me info about this issue it would be greatly appreciated :)

[attachment deleted by admin]
Melvins Show Reviews / slims 8/22
August 22, 2013, 03:40:02 PM
whos gonna be there