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Melvins Album Discussion / Three Men and a Baby
« on: March 04, 2016, 06:46:26 PM »
welp, the online preview came out today for preorderers...

i have to say track six has a bit of tool to it... regardless of who influenced who in the scenario... having said that, the next track reminds me of patton to some degree...

thats really all i wanted to say for now. just trying to wet some appetites.

and spoiler alert.....

we get to hear crover do blast beats.... never thought that would happen... unless i just missed something

Melvins Discussion / Playboy Les Paul
« on: January 18, 2016, 11:46:13 PM »
i noticed there was an officially legit playboy les paul that looked awfully familiar, and i was trying to figure out where i rememeber seeing buzz with a playboy bunny on his les paul.
i was also wondering if he had one of the limited edition ones, or if he did it first...

anyway he did it first. the real one came out in 2000

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Melvins Discussion / 2008 gibosn interview
« on: November 13, 2015, 01:51:47 PM »
just saw this interview for the first time... that was published a month before i saw them in portland when he was playing a EGC. i wonder if gibson noticed that he doesnt play les pauls anymore lol or even worse, if theyre figured out that he pays someone else to make a les paul for him with a smaller neck lol

welp it came up in a melvins discussion on facebook so ill share it here too since i dont see any tabs of it online. theres a trick to all melvins C songs and its a tuning i thought only i did until i saw a picture of their setlist where they wrote it as c/g and i went DAMN i DIDNT come up with that.... but alas now all their C songs are easy to figure out. so heres the tuning then the tab.


youll notice its essentially a double drop tuning where is a dropped to g but e is dropped 2 whole steps to c so the e and a strings make a chord and a and d strings make a chord.

im almost certain EVERY song theyve written in low c is in this tuning.. hence you never see them switching guitars or tuning the whole guitar when they play C songs.

PLEASE NOTE THIS IS MY INTEREPRATION BY EAR AND IT VERY WELL COULD BE WRONG. THIS IS JUST THE NOTES IN WHAT ORDER THEYRE PLAYED. theres a lot of palm muting and strumming and rhythm that i dont have the patience to type out so use your ears. this is just a guide to get you going.

i put periods in to try to line the d and g lines up better so dont get confused by the dots they dont mean anything.
 its basically drop d style bar chords all through out and some are three string bars too like im pretty sure the last 5 is three strings and some others are too probably but im just writing the chords.

The Water Glass (Intro Riff)
D ------3-----------------------5------5--------6---6---6---6-5-3-4-3--------------------------
C ....------5-3-0-5-3-0-5-0-4---5-6----6-5-0--------------------------0-0-0-3-6-5-0-5-0-----

Hope this helps you guys. that tuning is the key to all these songs. its the tuning he uses for This Machine Kills Artists too.

for example, Pigs of the roman empire is various parts of this. the | marks the end of the guitar part but the bass part adds the other notes little by little.

     3 5                      3|   3   5
0 5      3  5  0  3  5  0    5

you get the picture, this tuning is awesome, the melvins are awesome, etc

songs i can think of off the top of my head in c (meaning in this weird tuning) that will probably be much simpler for you now

Hung Bunny
Roman Dog Bird
the horn bearer
see how pretty see how smart
pigs of the roman empire
bloated pope
talking horse
the water glass
evil new war god
ill finish you off
inhumanity and death
Onions make the milk taste bad

im sure im missing some... quite a few of their songs are also drop a and i could be mixing some up or skipping some...

drop a songs i can think of are:
Kool Legged
Nude With Boots
Dog Island
Sesame Street Meet
it tastes better than the truth
Probably more lol

yeah hope this helps you guys

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