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Melvins Discussion / Re: how many times have you seen melvins live?
« on: September 14, 2015, 06:06:43 PM »
portland wonder ballroom with big business/ jared 2008
seattle showbox with green river and trevor dunn/melvins 83 with dale on bass. 2009
seattle nuemos all ages section with honkey/pinkus 2013
vancouver bc kommodore ballroom with honkey/pinkus (was 19 and "Drinking age" in bc for that one, otherwise wouldve gone to wild buffalo bellingham show a few blocks from my house) 2013
bellingham shakedown just buzzo 2014
bellingham wild buffalo with pinkus and le butcherettes 2014
portland wonder ballroom with big business/ jared 2015

so in the last 7 years ive seen them 7 times. 2010 was vitod by my sister because of her birthday. not making that mistake again. i couldnt go in 2011 because there were no local all ages shows if memory serves me, 2012 was a hectic year and i didnt get around to it which was a HUGE regret (plus i think that one was 21/over also), such a mistake missing melvins lite.

this year i planned to see them in bc, portland, and sf but wifes car accident got in the way of bc and sf. made portland though.

its funny cause to me pinkus was the least favorite bassist for me, and never really felt like a melvins bassist but now that i think of it, hes the bassist ive seen almost every time.

i first got into the melvins in probably 2007/2008 so thats not a terrible track record. theyre the only band ive made an effort/paid to go see.

i saw the stooges in 2007 by miracle of friend buying two tickets and inviting me the night of.

Melvins Lyrics & Tabs / Re: The Water Glass tab PLUS Melvins Tuning Secret.
« on: September 14, 2015, 12:04:11 PM »
im most of the way through that verse. i know most of the notes involved just havent found time to sit and figure it out exactly. i know its something like
                                                                                             | 55 8  77   3  5        3  6 |                                                                           |                                   |
             30     3      5      30    5    05   30        3   5     30          | 55 8  77   3  5 00003  6 | 000 333 555 333 55 33 666 555 00 33 55 00 33 00 |  0  7   576     3  5 3 5 4 |
00000 00   0003  00500       005 45   00   00 003   5  00   0030   |                      0000       | 000 333 555 333 55 33 666 555 00 33 55 00 33 00 |  0  7   576     3  5 3 5 4 | 000

you get the picture. this video helps with that first part

also another i figured out after realizing the tuning is AMAZON
                                                  |              5~5       10~10        8~8       10~10      3~3       5~5       5~5
00 0000 00 0000 00 0000 00 0000 |3~3        5~5       10~10        8~8       10~10      3~3       5~5       5~5
00 0000 00 0000 00 0000 00 0000 |3~3 0000      0000         0000       0000         0000    0000      0000      0000

Melvins Show Reviews / Re: 9-7-15 Wonder Ballroom Portland, OR
« on: September 12, 2015, 12:59:16 AM »
yeah my wife was in a car accident last week and was in no mood to be in the moshing vicinity

Melvins Show Reviews / Re: 9-7-15 Wonder Ballroom Portland, OR
« on: September 11, 2015, 06:25:55 PM »
this was the only of the three shows i planned to catch that i was actually able to attend. ended up watching the whole show from the bar balcony which was a fresh perspective. anybody else notice the less than stellar sound department? i recall not hearing buzz very much and hearing high freq feedback several times.

on a side note, talked to buzz after the show and tried to ask if he'd let me do a job-shadow like deal with them sometime but i think i fell on deaf ears... or more accurately i think buzzes polite listening ears fell on awkward star struck word fumbling lol

needless to say i dont think he was interested haha

you all probably noticed my previa minivan parked right outside the door all night though haha

HAHAHAHA surpised it didnt turn into Andre the Posse then Andre the Pussy

on the subject of bassist, all they're bassist are good... but Trevor Dunn is beyond good. he's better at bass than anybody I've ever heard playing that type of music. Trevor is so good he allows buzz to do literally anything and pull it off. IMHO Trevor Dunn should be THE bass player and the rest are stand ins when he's not available. but that won happen.

all in all, I'm really glad I've gotten to see jared, Trevor, jd, and dale play bass. hopefully someday I'll get to see rutmanis play too!

to me rutmanis and Trevor are the two that added a new layer of experiment to the melvins which wouldn't be tree without them.

anyone CAN play like mark or Lori or even jared (though Jared's definitely got an edge) but only Kevin and do Kevin and only Trevor can do Trevor and both have taken the melvins to brand new places never before reached

it all depends on who you talk to and how long they've liked the melvins. I think everything they make is a bit of an aqquired taste an that's why their earlier stuff is most popular. it's been around longest and The experimentation is harder to recognize at first.

honestly the only melvins release I really can't get into is chicken switch. it's a cool idea but it's not for me. prick is prick obviously but aside from those two I think they all are their own masterpiece once they sink in. the bb albums don't bother me though I find a senile animal kinda boring. vast filthy prison is probably my favorite song off that one. and hold it in I still haven't really warmed up to yet. I like it sometimes and other times it bores me.

but idk I feel like I outgrow the melvins just as often as I let newer releases sink in if that makes sense. their vast catalog is the main thing that's kept me here all this time. if they had stopped at bullhead I would've been over them a long time ago. those albums are awesome for get me wrong but I can only listen to 50 songs so many times. but the fact that they've got more music than all the other bands I like combined (except for Beatles and beach boys) I find myself not bothering to listen to much else.

for me their production quality usually determines what I listen to depending on mood.

like a lot of times id rather listen to freak puke and bride screamed murder and hat just because those are the best sounding to me.

what id really like is if they rerecorded 10 songs like when they put gluey porch treatments on electroretard. I really learned to appreciate that song the most when I could actually hear it really well.

idk that's just me

Melvins Discussion / Re: Amrep is selling $5.00 cds
« on: August 31, 2015, 02:59:58 PM »

welp it came up in a melvins discussion on facebook so ill share it here too since i dont see any tabs of it online. theres a trick to all melvins C songs and its a tuning i thought only i did until i saw a picture of their setlist where they wrote it as c/g and i went DAMN i DIDNT come up with that.... but alas now all their C songs are easy to figure out. so heres the tuning then the tab.


youll notice its essentially a double drop tuning where is a dropped to g but e is dropped 2 whole steps to c so the e and a strings make a chord and a and d strings make a chord.

im almost certain EVERY song theyve written in low c is in this tuning.. hence you never see them switching guitars or tuning the whole guitar when they play C songs.

PLEASE NOTE THIS IS MY INTEREPRATION BY EAR AND IT VERY WELL COULD BE WRONG. THIS IS JUST THE NOTES IN WHAT ORDER THEYRE PLAYED. theres a lot of palm muting and strumming and rhythm that i dont have the patience to type out so use your ears. this is just a guide to get you going.

i put periods in to try to line the d and g lines up better so dont get confused by the dots they dont mean anything.
 its basically drop d style bar chords all through out and some are three string bars too like im pretty sure the last 5 is three strings and some others are too probably but im just writing the chords.

The Water Glass (Intro Riff)
D ------3-----------------------5------5--------6---6---6---6-5-3-4-3--------------------------
C ....------5-3-0-5-3-0-5-0-4---5-6----6-5-0--------------------------0-0-0-3-6-5-0-5-0-----

Hope this helps you guys. that tuning is the key to all these songs. its the tuning he uses for This Machine Kills Artists too.

for example, Pigs of the roman empire is various parts of this. the | marks the end of the guitar part but the bass part adds the other notes little by little.

     3 5                      3|   3   5
0 5      3  5  0  3  5  0    5

you get the picture, this tuning is awesome, the melvins are awesome, etc

songs i can think of off the top of my head in c (meaning in this weird tuning) that will probably be much simpler for you now

Hung Bunny
Roman Dog Bird
the horn bearer
see how pretty see how smart
pigs of the roman empire
bloated pope
talking horse
the water glass
evil new war god
ill finish you off
inhumanity and death
Onions make the milk taste bad

im sure im missing some... quite a few of their songs are also drop a and i could be mixing some up or skipping some...

drop a songs i can think of are:
Kool Legged
Nude With Boots
Dog Island
Sesame Street Meet
it tastes better than the truth
Probably more lol

yeah hope this helps you guys

I am waiting for inevitable triple power trio live lineup of:

Buzz- Guitar
Tom - Guitar
Paul - Guitar
Dale - Drums
Mike - Drums
Coady - Drums
Jared - Bass
Jeff - Bass
Trevor - Bass

Can we start like a petition or something?? this NEEDS to happen!!!!!

Melvins Discussion / Re: Basses Loaded
« on: August 28, 2015, 02:30:45 PM »
im just gonna throw it out there that paul needs to happen.

a friend of mine on facebook said he was staying at a house in phoenix? i think or something like that anyway he said paul had once knocked on that very door by mistake because the neighbor builds guitars for him. kinda weird story but i would totally devote my life to trying to get ahold of paul and get him to play with the melvins before someone dies

Melvins Discussion / Re: Melvins Revolve Merchandise
« on: August 27, 2015, 01:14:06 PM »
I have that shirt but stopped wearing it after I got mistaken for a neo-nazi.  #-o

yeah i too had this come up. i didnt even know what it was and it was a birthday gift from someone who didnt know what it was... yeah i dont wear it as much now.

didnt work for me

Melvins Discussion / Re: Best Melvins Pic Ever
« on: August 24, 2015, 06:20:49 PM »
im sure someones posted this before but its a first for me...

[attachment deleted by admin]

Melvins Discussion / Re: King Buzzo's hair
« on: August 24, 2015, 05:13:10 PM »
it wasnt 7-11 but my old coworker looked a lot like buzz but with short white hair... it was weird.

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