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In fact, there are two parts. Cd 1 and CD 2.
Or four parts: LP1 LP2 LP3 LP4
Then you can multiply the whole shit by two 'cause there are two sides on each LP. So... there are 8 parts!

Well, well, wait... There are as many parts as you wish!
36 parts!

I'm currently listening to the whole album (Mp3ees previews for reviewers) and I'm scratching my head a bit.
There's some cool versions of some songs... But I'm wondering if these (almost) always calm and psychedelic vocals would not be boring somehow. What's cool about the acoustic solo albums of King B is that he sometimes really SING... LOUD. Here in 5 Legged Dog the vocals are very often...limp? Have a good nap!
Have to dig more... And that's a BIG piece of cake stuffed in the mouth... 36 songs, damn it!
Quote from: black stallion on August 08, 2021, 02:37:14 AM
really? i'm totally into sad introspective songs but i can't see Melvins doing that with Steven. btw, there's a song on Honky sang by Mark D that can be considered a bit sad, it's amazing but can remember the title now
"Harry Lauder's Walking Stick Tree"?
Is it really sung by Mark D?!?
Love that tune. Sounds like a sad Down syndrome singing.
Because it's a cover from Electroretard and not Honky, eheheh!
On their own terms, right.
Are you sure the goal of The Melvins was ever "having new fans"?!? Ever?  :)
This is finally very good news!
After the real cool "Working With God" album, this will make my year (or two)!
And help me forget a bit how much music is suffering from this whole big shittty fuckery called Covid.
Thanks Melvins! Again!
Quote from: ))))(((( on May 20, 2021, 04:57:44 PM
I think i might have mentioned this before, but it always bugs me that releases list the song titles slightly wrong. So on this one we get 'Kicking Machine' and 'Growing Disgust' instead of 'The Kicking Machine' and 'A Growing Disgust'. I don't suppose the Melvins mind these little discrepancies and may even encourage it, but i find it infuriating myself. Although strangely the 'Lysol' inclusion doesn't bother me.
Oh-ho, big troubles!  :D
Quote from: vince furnier on May 17, 2021, 10:47:43 AM

Nick around!
Nique around ("nique" means "fuck" in french, well kind of... depends... well, fuck around it)!
Cave around!
Agree, then. I cheer with everything you wrote.
Chicken Switch.
Ah I saw you wrote "you're wrong about..." it was written "you're worth about" before (well it seemed to me...) so I didn't understand.
What is wrong about what I wrote?
I don't know if you understood but I wrote that the Alice Cooper AND The Mott The Hoople covers were both GREAT. "Terrible" is a positive thing here in French and in this context.
Ah sorry, it's the song tittle! I didn't wrote the tracklist in the review 'cause it was supposed to be the "Working With God" review, not the "Hostile Ambient Besides" one, eheheh!
Of course did I've heard it! I'm not writing reviews on stuff I didn't hear! :? Muahahahahaah!
Well and you know, I don't have the songs title on my "cheap CD" edition of this "Hostile Ambient Besides". Weird but there is NO tracklisting. Absurd.
Sorry I forgot about this, so stupid am I  :lol:

Oh well... Great song as you say and great cover.
Don't remember, is "Jerkin Krokus" actually "Matt The Lurker" :)? Not sure...

Do you speak/read French or do you "google-translate"?

Here is my (triple) review:

Working with your French.
Be brave.