Bongo Lips

Started by ElGrampo, July 29, 2008, 10:06:53 AM

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'''''In addition to his musical and comedic skills, Crover has plans to release a drummer's fanzine, aptly titled Bongo Lips. "I've interviewed the drummers from Hammerhead and Poison Idea. We'll have lots of drummer jokes and good clean fun - just talkin' drums with the boys." '''''

has it ever been published? has anyone seen a Bongo Lips issue? any info?

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Hmm, never heard of Bongo Lips before. The only fanzine by Dale I've ever seen is DRUMB, released in fall '94.  (scroll down)
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Have you seen the bridge?  I ain't seen the bridge!  Where's that confounded bridge?!


any1 got some mp3's of drumb , i got the vinyl , but no record player


you've got no turntable?  Send that record to me. You have no use for it.;-)
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