BYT Interview: The Melvins

Started by black stallion, August 18, 2008, 11:44:50 AM

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black stallion



thanks for posting. Buzz continues to be one of the most fascinating creative forces going today - always a blast reading any/all of his interviews.


I'm always reminded to smile whenever I see Buzz say that he's never out of ideas or had writers block.

bathroom creep

Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt.

Centripetal core of soul sojourn the field vibrates to absolution. I climb toward the sun to breathe the universal.

Have you seen the bridge?  I ain't seen the bridge!  Where's that confounded bridge?!


You better come to DC Buzz! I popped my concert cherry there with the Melvins in 02.

Anyways, does it feel to you guys they are getting more press and attention this tour/album?
Van Hagar


thats why nashville sucks. not enough larger cities to make it profitable. its that way with most tours coming this way.