Melvins, Big Business, Porn 09/13/08 - Uebel & Gef

Started by bathroom creep, September 14, 2008, 09:39:30 AM

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Update :


anyone have a set list? did they play the smiling cobra?
Well, we'll always have "In the Air Tonight." Will that be your most enduring song?
You know, that song won't lie down. It just won't go away. I mean, there's a Mike Tyson moment associated with it now. It's just bizarre. I guess it has a bit of mystery, a lot of atmosphere, and the drums coming in, pinning people to the wall.


Sadly not! And exactly this is 1 song I really missed :D Other than that, the set was good.
Though I have hoped to hear some older tunes too. But the positive thing: this show made
me realize how much the new songs kick ass! Live they sound even better than on the album.

I hope I can give you a setlist soon. I'm just working on the audio recording I've made of the show.

I just had a look at the setlist from 08/18/2008:

01) Nude With Boots
02) Dog Island
03) Dies Iraea
04) Civilized Worm
05) The Kicking Machine
06) Eye Flys
07) Suicide In Progress
08) Billy Fish
09) Tipping The Lion
10) Honey Bucket
11) Blood Witch
12) Rat Faced Granny
13) The Hawk
14) You've Never Been Right
15) My Generation
16) A History Of Bad Men
17) Star Spangled Banner
18) Boris

I don't think the one in Hamburg was much different, from what I recall.

@ bathroom creep:
And thanks a lot for the videos!!! Even if you can't remove this "delay error" or what you were talking about, I would be happy to see the video anyway. The ones you uploaded look pretty good! :-)

By the way, do you remember all the song names from the songs that Porn and Big Business played? I haven't checked out too much of their stuff, so I have problems giving the files I recorded names...

bathroom creep

The setlist is correct.  As for Porn, their set didn't really contain any structured songs, only lots of  noise and drums, guitar and feedback; one long jam that is. I think it was great. And Big Business, I'm pretty sure they played Hands Up, Start Your Digging, unnamed new song (Cats, Mice), unnamed new song 2 (Gold and Final), Grounds For Divorce, Just As The Day Was Dawning and The Drift. I could be missing one, but I'm pretty sure that's it. God, how I wish their set would have been longer.  sappystain, you really need to check them out (PM me if you're interested..)

And I finally got to upload Tipping The Lion. Eye Flys just finished as well, and I was able to reduce the delay at the end of the vid a bit.. But that's all I could do. Nevertheless it turned out really nice, for obvious reasons.. it's Eye Flys!

Tipping The Lion


Thanks for the comments people. :D
Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt.

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Have you seen the bridge?  I ain't seen the bridge!  Where's that confounded bridge?!


OK, thanks a lot  :D

I've just sent you a pm. By the way, the Melvins and Big Business sets can be found here:

Thanks for who ever taped and released it. That's awesome! This version sounds much clearer and better than my version. :)

I will upload the set Porn performed though, very soon, since it's not included.


You can download the performance by Porn here:

If you're not registered, let me know and I'll upload the show somewhere for you.


Quote from: black stallion on September 14, 2008, 01:00:28 PM
there's a pic where Dale is laughing too,and that's exactly straight in your direction

that one made me laugh, it seems like he's posing for the picture in a really cheesy manner.