Melvins Interview (21st OF SEPTEMBER 2008, ARENA, VIENNA/AUSTRIA)

Started by ElGrampo, September 22, 2008, 12:18:38 PM

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well, it's KIND OF an interview, go here: , take the first blog and there you are!


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what a great read!this interview is full of interesting things to discuss,where to start?
excellent Grampo =D>


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Thanks a lot, that was a great read. Way better than some stereotype interview with all the standard questions that have already been asked a dozen times. And on top of that the freaking bunker was mentioned!
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QuotePS: A few minutes later, Buzz said that Kevin Rutmanis was NOW really glad that the Melvins had kicked him out of the band. If they wouldn't, he'd be dead.


QuoteThanks a lot, that was a great read. Way better than any stereotype interview with all the standard questions that have already been asked a dozen times. And on top of that the freaking bunker was mentioned! Very Happy!
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Quote from: Rev. Mike on September 23, 2008, 09:52:57 AM
Can someone copy and paste, no myspace at work.  Thanks.

Melvins Interview (21st OF SEPTEMBER 2008, ARENA, VIENNA/AUSTRIA)

Interview: Rokko and Jochen Summer/Rock Is Hell Records
Fotos: Kurt Prinz

Well, what can I say? What happened yesterday was no real interview. The old team had its pilgrimage to The Melvins again. Buzz asked: "What have YOU done since last time?" and we were talking about this and that, the recorder was not running yet. In the whole "interview", Dale Crover and Buzz Osborne asked us more questions then we could ask them. When they told us about the show the day before at the Transmitter Festival in Dornbirn/Austria and just finished their story, Dale said: "Hey man, you gotta tape this, this is good material!" This was the starting signal, so here we go:

Rokko: OK, once again: How was the show yesterday?

Dale Crover: Crazy.

Buzz Osborne: A drunken nightmare.

DC: People passed out before we even played.

BO: Passed out ON STAGE!

DC: It was in Dornbirn, it's way out there, we didn't see anything. There was just nothing around, it's the same like in this place.

R: This place has been a slaughterhouse, back then.

DC: For some reason, we play in slaughterhouses all the time. There are also a lot in Germany. I don't know why that is.

Jochen Summer: You also played in a Second World War bunker.

DC: Yeah, that was in Hamburg. There's also a bunker in the middle of Vienna.

R: Yeah, we got six. There are always two next to each other: One for the radar system, the other one for shooting rockets.

BO: We haven't really been hit very hard, though. But Hamburg has been hit, also Essen, Cologne, Berlin....

R: ...Dresden.

BO: The States have never been hit!

R: New York a little bit, almost 60 years later.

BO: Even that wasn't a big deal. It was not that someone destroyed the whole city!

DC: But it was a big shock because nothing like that has ever happened there. But the Japanese almost made it to the coast.

BO: They did!

[We talk about submarines and different wars]

BO: Underseaboats are amazing. I wouldn't wanna go in one of these things.

R: You can't do anything and there might be a claustrophobic vibe.

BO: It's horrible.

R: So you'd be no good soldiers?

BO: Hmmmm.....I don't know. Not at this point.

DC: If we were in charge, that would be great.

BO: We would say: "You guys go ahead!" Yeah, to be in charge, that's jobs! "Go ahead and attack again!" sounds good to me. I don't know which section I would join, maybe the hmmm......

DC: Our bus is kind of like a submarine.

BO: Yeah it is, but nobody is shooting at us!

DC: Last night, we actually had a pretty good "Operation Freeze Out". That's when the roadies [in the bus behind the Melvins] fall asleep and you take the frozen fruit that you put in the freezer to shoot at their bus. Bananas, oranges, and the super secret weapon was the frozen bottle of J



BO: But now you have a kid!

DC: Yeah, it's worked out great!

BO: Another kid's on the way.

R: Yeah?

DC: Yeah.

JS&R: Congratulations!

DC: Thank you.

BO: Siamese twins this time. Good luck! "This one has to go!"

DC: Where do you find a car seat for Siamese twins? It has to be custom-made.

BO: Just put it in the back.

DC: Or in the cage.