The first Melvins release you heard?

Started by Captain CoryCory, March 16, 2009, 11:42:37 AM

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Gluey on cassette, a couple months after it came out.


I couldn't remember my name, so I called myself Bob. Its weird being a Bob. But I'll get used to it... I'll have to.

the ether bunny

honky. what a weird stoney day that was....
he was a mongoloid.


Eggnog. Played on the radio by Kurt Cobain and purchased by me the next day.

linoleum blownapart

seen them play live a in 89 or 90 and a few more times  over the years due to opening bands or friends going.  i thought they were good.  did not actually buy anything until stag came out (a friend gave it to me and i kept it...he had to buy a new one because i would not give it back) and then revisited bullhead.   I was hooked from there. 
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