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Started by cara, October 22, 2008, 08:43:49 PM

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John Schuller

Quote from: ))))(((( on October 19, 2021, 01:34:42 PM
I hope the next Melvins album has no cover songs on it. Not that i dislike the covers they do, but i feel like recently their records have given over too much runtime to multiple cover songs. One song can be okay but the last 3 albums particularly have been far too heavily laden with covers. All to their detriment i might add. I'd like to hear a full Melvins album of new material from front to back without hearing a tongue in cheek, ironic cover song or something that doesn't sit well with what surrounds it.

Not so sure that is going to happen - I mean, you have Buzz and Dale who as the Melvins have been doing cover songs live and on albums since the beginning joining forces with Steven McDonald of Redd Kross who have been doing cover songs live and on albums since the beginning. I can only see them doing more!


If it's covers like the ones on Five Legged, then bring it on. I'd rather hear the Melvins do legit classic rock covers than rush out half baked original classic rock. (Not that that's what they are/have been doing, just for sake of argument.)

I could certainly see some more The Who covers. I was watching that documentary concert film the Who did in the late 70s. It reminded me that Buzz has probably styled himself after Townshend in some ways. The commitment to certain stage motions, some songs that are written for their effect on the audience, the way he plans and orchestrates the band and their project-to-project ambitions.

I'd be curious to see them take on "A Long One."