Vogue, Indy 9-11-23

Started by CoryCory, September 12, 2023, 12:33:48 PM

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Not gonna get into a hugely elaborate review but heres my notes for the show...

- We got there early enough to get to the very fron so just a few feet away from Buzz and later Wata.

- Mr.Phylzzz was an awesome opener and packed in a lot of energy and raw charisma in 27 minutes. Would love to see them again!

- Not long after they finished The Vogue was PACKED. If it wasnt sold out it was close which is not too shabby for a Monday night!

- Merch? Never had a chance to get a good look at any of it much less get anything but the lines for merch stayed strong. Couple folks being salty about Melvins being cash only.

- Coady must be immune to jet lag as he didnt miss a beat and was an absolute force on the drums! That said...

- Melvins were mostly solid. Some songs I hadnt seen live in awhile (Night Goat, Revolve, Ligature) and some Ive never seen (Zodiac, Boris, History of Bad Men) though I'm not sure how I feel on Steven doing leads on that. Dug the funky outro, though! Buzz closing out the last part of Boris on his own works.

- Boris were absolutely superb. Watching Wata's hands move seamlessly and punch through mammoth riffs and soaring solos. Atsuo and Takeshi were absolutely on point too. Dronevil was omitted but we got all of Heavy Rocks and their take on Boris was incredible.

- Any time Atsuo said "Indianapolis" it sounded like "INDIANA POLICE".

Ridiculously smooth drive home and after dropping the friends off I was home myself by 3.