Author Topic: Who thinks the live Version's of Hog Leg and 5th track on Houdini are:  (Read 2222 times)

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Played way too fast live. It doesn't have the same energy as the record in my opinion. I wonder why that is? Maybe its the Mic's or the high ceilings.

Anyone take a gander?
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I always thought Revolve never translated very well live, they always seem to want to rush through it.

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they always play copache way too fast live as well

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It's natural, a lot of bands play songs a little faster live. Years of playing a song + natural stage adrenalin = faster song.

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It's natural, a lot of bands play songs a little faster live. Years of playing a song + natural stage adrenalin = faster song.
Also, faster songs = more songs per set.

I, personally, would love to see the melvins perform every song in their discography (including the stuff on Electroretard) in a single 90 minute set.
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It seems like a lot of songs are much faster when done live, I noticed this during the (A)SA tour.  Not that it's a bad thing, and I think Hog Leg live is incredible.  Especially with Coady on vocals. :love:
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i think they just wanna get off the stage. its the creepy fans out there!
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I've  noticed the speeding up particularly when they play The Bloated Pope and Blood Witch live.  It'd be funny to see 'em play Anti-vermin Seed in two minutes and then stretch Dr. Geek out to twenty...


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That's why I liked the compare/ contrast of Pick Your Battles.  First set set  s - l - o - w, second set fast.  I like 'em both, just interesting to hear the difference.  I'll say it before someone else does, obviously they're different songs.