the Buzzo episode of Soft Focus is now up

Started by tinnitus photo, December 03, 2009, 06:51:41 AM

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black stallion

thanks so much for posting this!you can see Dale and Jared sitting on the stairs,listening to Buzz

tinnitus photo

i would love to see all the footage they took...there were a couple of great bits that got cut (buzzo talking about jailing people; recounting that his dad didn't believe they got signed to Atlantic and demanding to see the contract).


Hey thanks T-buddy!  Will have to view at the wy fy coffee shop.  My lines are too slow! 
Thanks again!


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Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt.

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the heather mills line floored me but i cant see buzz playing golf.
Again,a gorgeous tragedy approaches,in the wake of those thought contained.But sonic reverberations shake the very marrow of the fragile chamber of mans lifeforce,and again the minions quiver in fear,as daylight fails to come,and Melvins walk the battlefield,bored and hungry...


The Paul McCartney jokes were class A material.  I was lol for sure.

Mount Ambulance

Yeah, that was great ... thanx for the heads up! Any chance anyone is able to "capture" this (and mabey the live Kicking Machine thing too) and put it up for a download ... mucho thanx in advance if anyone can make it so ...  I tried but ... it didn't work??
It was a big night out on the town for the Id and the Reptile Brain ...

like a brick wall, like a dream waiting to be!

dead mike

If it were anybody but Buzz answering those questions, that would be the worst interview ever conducted.

"What inspires you to write such weird music?"
Can you all shut your damn cocks for one second? Music is the only thing that's real in this queef world of dildo ass chodes.

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