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Started by Beto Brasil, May 14, 2004, 06:11:14 PM

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Was a good show?

15 (93.8%)
1 (6.3%)

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Hope they play near richmond, or washington dc. They destroy. All.


I've seen the Melvins more than some of you have seen pussy.

I think the Zigler boot of the Seattle show is the best capture of this exeriance, thank you Beto Satan.

By the way, during this show my recorder was knocked out of my hand during YOA , Bad Ronald threw me on stage to get it, Melvins never missed a beat!!!

Ziggy is a craftsman. His boots are like live releases.

Long live Zig.

Beto Brasil

Quote from: GrimReaperI've seen the Melvins more than some of you have seen pussy.

Hahahahaha funny man! i think about this!!! yeah!

Quote from: GrimReaperLong live Zig.

of course Grimmmmmmm!!!!!
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I saw twice in my life. both show was very impressive and fuckin amazin.
at first show i met with melvins. they were so friendly. i was superlucky.since then Im more into melvins.

the melvins

i am a poor soul who lives in canada..... melvins never come down to vancouver, so i have never seen them... but next time they come to seattle... im movin my ass at gettin over there.



i almost forgot! hey beto diablo and grimbo !

Long live ZigZag rolling papers!! hahahaha the thin skins

my girlfriend said to me earlier tonight that I'm the white
bob marley hahahhaa its fucked because she smokes as much
does that make her rita marley?? hahha i'm enjoyin myself.

the melvins

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