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Started by black stallion, June 24, 2010, 03:56:19 AM

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Tape recorder.

Pros use digital recorders, and have been for about the last ten years. And they have handset adapters, instead of holding the recorder up to the ear piece.

And they don't say "very cool" every ten seconds, either.
Dead mike, your dick meter is red-lining.  Dial it back a bit?
I appreciate that the guy (a) likes the melvins and (b) posted the audio on his blog. I just find lengthy interviews to be a complete waste of time if they're poorly executed (see: Mark Prindle). Even worse if it's with someone who's otherwise really quotable, like Buzz.

So no, I'm not apologizing for my dickitude.

If you don't like it, you don't like it. It's fair. I'll suggest that you not bother with anything else on the site because you probably won't like it either. Not being sarcastic, just being honest. Pretty much, almost every interview has a glitch. It's almost a running gag at this point. Either bad lighting, me laughing with the artist, a few seconds missing from the beginning, my refusal to use a tripod which makes everything look like Cloverfield. That's why I love my blog. It's not forced with information on artists that I don't have any interest in. I, also, don't cover up my mistakes. I dig it and that's what counts. Granted, it would net me some actual money if I did but I never signed up for money or for meeting people. I just wanted a legitimate excuse constantly talk about music without driving friends crazy and got lucky that it's still around and resonates with a handful of people out there.

I'll also apologize, unless someone found it funny, for saying Merzbow briefly when thinking of Lustmord. Believe me, I horrified when it slipped out. As for the Rutmanis interview, it'll be unearthed at some point as I would love to post it provided I can find it and the tape still works. I don't remember if it was a good interview or not, I was just excited at getting a chance to talk to a member of Melvins for more than a second. I just remember us talking about him being in Melvins and Tomahawk and about the Geek Tour with those bands, Skeleton Key and Dalek.

P.S. Dead Mike, awesome Futurama quote.