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Started by Uncle Fester, July 16, 2010, 09:08:49 PM

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Uncle Fester

rare pre mumu with kevin and dss. I wish dss would step in and be a permanent second guitarist.

Melvins - Let It All Be @ Launch

I have never seen this video before... i enjoyed.


Uncle Fester

I was looking for that thread, got lazy and made my own. besides... its double post worthy.


Great Video. Thanks. Love Kevin's Hairpiece.


Quote from: jonE5 on July 17, 2010, 11:49:21 AM
Great Video. Thanks. Love Kevin's Hairpiece.
No mumus but I think they're wearing each others trousers and Keith Moon's on drums.

*Edit* And David has just come back from Sunday School.

Fantastic vid!


I like how someone comments "In the video Dale is half the man he is today, literally."


Thanks for posting, I had never seen it, either.
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(the) Razor

Kevin fucking kills it. This song has a lot more "venom" to it with a clean tone.
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this was great.
sir dss is my favorite guitar playing wiki stik
and kevin is my favorite fat bottomed girl.
gamble gamble gamble DIE.


That made me happy.  Love the Silvertone guitar; anybody know what amp that is?

Brooklyns Finest PoonTang

Great fucking video, great fucking song.

While I was watching the vid, for some reason, it occurred to me the Melvins are the paradox of KISS. Maybe it was the pre-mumu comment, but what i mean is they embody so many similarities and so many opposites of that band simultaneously.

thanks for posting this. it was just what I needed.
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this is serious business here guys.  i don't want a tour of anyones chocolate factory please

dead mike

OMG what do you call that awesome noise guitar technique DSS is employing at the beginning???
Can you all shut your damn cocks for one second? Music is the only thing that's real in this queef world of dildo ass chodes.

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It looks like the vibrato arm on his Jaguar is bent in such a way that if the handle is rotated over the strings then it just barely hits them.  He is swinging it around helicopter style swishing the strings.  I don't know, really.  It just looks that way.


I read that question as sarcasm...not sure really.