Started by dijk cheese, July 29, 2010, 07:08:40 AM

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dijk cheese

couldn't find the relevant topic, ie best video or somthing. so ill post a new one...

anyone seen this?

The Melvins - Anaconda

i used to play this track religiously yet could barely decipher a word. there unusually clear here in this clip... same lyrics as the original recording?
am i right in thinking "and lori said"?
i say i can't, but i really mean i won't.


Alright this is what I am hearing.

I can sort of [...] lie
?mind to mind?
Looking forward cause I can break you
lori said
i got ?lost? in my heartbeat (it is lost in the other videos)
cause your the queen
i got loaded when you go
lori said
litlle pigs little little hot links
wrapped up for to enjoy

i ?got something? when you go
and I can never ?surrender?
I got a little thing
little queen
and little hot dogs sent in for the war

It is definitely different to the album, close but different.  Let me know what you think.

Here are two more videos that I used to come up with that
Melvins - Oven, Anaconda 03-18-01
MELVINS "Anaconda" live at the 40 Watt Club 6/14/10


Definitely one of the best songs on "Bullhead".

Mount Ambulance

Definitely one of the best songs in their whole catolouge.
It was a big night out on the town for the Id and the Reptile Brain ...

like a brick wall, like a dream waiting to be!

dijk cheese

yeah one of my faves too.

"looking forward cause i can break you"?

ill have to listen more when i stop working.
i was just really surprised to be able to understand any words other than "pigs", sure there was a "heartbreaker" somewhere in the original.
realised last night that bullhead isnt on my itunes. my old laptop died a while back, lost my old ipod, so i have to reload all my cd's. which means i have to find all my old cd's which i've stored away in various spots. 
i say i can't, but i really mean i won't.


one of their all time best songs, the reason i chose my board name.


For the first line I always sang "I can sort of Lori lie"


'like the sword of Lorelei"


Quote from: dijk cheese on July 29, 2010, 07:07:30 PM
"looking forward cause i can break you"?

Thats it!  It sounded different to me in each version, but I think that is right.

Oh and if we have a Greatest Lyric poll I nominate:
"and little hot dogs sent in for the war" & "little pigs little little hot links"


I thought it wuz: "Like a soar a lore-e-LIEE..."


Quote from: TheLegitMan93 on July 29, 2010, 09:41:50 PM
I thought it wuz: "Like a soar a lore-e-LIEE..."

Yeah I thought it was something like that too, but in the videos I am hearing "I can sort of" .....  lorelie, loralie lore-e-liee, lore-of-life.... whatever that last word(s) is/are.  You can hear the 't' on the end of 'sort'.


I thought it was "I consulted lore and lie"


Not to take the topic of off lyrics...

I just want to say that I've been reminded of The Smiling Cobra riff when I hear the new intro riff to Anaconda that they play live. The Anaconda intro is a bit cleaner, of course, but it is similar to my ears.

Melvins - The Smiling Cobra

That and I love in the Bonnaroo boot when he says "the doctor told me i was crazy" right before the song starts...EPIC!!!