NoDef Interviews The Melvins

Started by black stallion, June 21, 2010, 09:21:23 AM

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black stallion

Ice Cream, Steamed Ham and Black Holes

by Chris Herbeck

No Def correspondent, Chris Herbeck, got a chance to interview The Melvins before their blowout performance at One Eyed Jacks last Wednesday night. Like listening to one of their albums, conducting an interview with the Melvins is a mind fuck that can lead to strange, humorous and sometimes uncomfortable situations.

The Melvins have been around forever and made countless albums throughout the years. By forever I mean about 25 years and by countless I mean that the numbers are just too complicated. Considering all the live albums, bootlegs, collaborations, EP

Captain CoryCory

This is the best Melvins interview I've ever read. Nobody's taking things real serious and it sounds like it'd have been a great time just to be in that room much less LIVE!

the bloat

Sounds like Buzz is recycling his Judy Garland, Jimi Hendrix Rainbow Bridge joke. Is Jared a dick?


More like a man of few words :)   

He was obviously joking about the whole college thing.  And almost everyone refuses to answer lyrics questions mostly because the meaning is completely up to the listener and for the author to authoritatively state THIS is what it means ruins the whole point.  Sometimes interviews just don't go well.

linoleum blownapart

port of call does have the best hamburgers.

Jared is quiet.
thrower of the bong water balloons


Quote from: linoleum blownapart on June 24, 2010, 12:14:41 PM
port of call does have the best hamburgers.
I Call Bullshit...

Bud's Broiler Has The Best Burgers In New Orleans...Hands Down !!!      MmmmmMMmmm !!!             

... Camellia Grill In New Orleans Has Really Good burgers Too...and an awesome Chili-Cheese-Fry Omelet.(yes, you heard right.)

  (Port 'o' Call has big burgers, but not the best.)

linoleum blownapart

i did not dig buds, maybe it was an off day.  you could not go wrong at check point charlies either.  get a burger, do you laundry, play some games and check out a band playing all the while getting wasted.

never went to Camellia's, tho heard good things will have to check it out.

i really dig the steak nazi at charlies steak house.  
thrower of the bong water balloons

bathroom creep

Cool! Gotta love the Simpsons reference.
Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt.

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Have you seen the bridge?  I ain't seen the bridge!  Where's that confounded bridge?!