how many times have you seen melvins live?

Started by theNotoriouslemmyRamone, August 29, 2010, 07:35:08 PM

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4.  Every single time was great and had it's own unique awesome moments.  

2006 - 3 songs with David fucking Yow!
2007 - Tighter, Buzz tells jokes about starting a basketball team, Jared tells guy to stop punching people, Lizzy
2009 - Even Tighter, Pigs of the Roman Empire, Down fans getting pissed off during Pigs of the Roman Empire
2010- Tightest, Water Glass & Evil New War God, LYSOL

Rev. Mike

10 times I think.  Considering where I live it should have been a lot more.


i eat i shit i am

the ether bunny

15-20 time since the beginning of 2004. living in the bay area certainly has it's perks...
he was a mongoloid.



16 since 2005 and one more soon...maybe the Troubadour or Slim's.

dijk cheese

7 times i think, maybe 1 or 2 more. in 4 countries.
i say i can't, but i really mean i won't.


2 times, one in London and one in Oslo, Year and date I haven`t got a clue about.


last time i counted about 15 times since 2003.

highlights include seeing them 3 times in 4 days at atp nigthmare before x-mas in 2006 + the london show at scala (+ flipper) the monday after said weekend, and 2 times at the rotterdam international film festival where they performed the cameron jamie soundtrack, the second being assisted/disturbed by keijo haino.


19 Apr 1994, Cat's Cradle, Chapel Hill NC
December 1996, The Planet, Coventry, UK ("An Evening with The Melvins")
6 Nov 1997, The Garage, London, UK
29 March 2001, Mean Fiddler, London
18 July 2003, The Forum, London
25 November 2003, Sallis Benney Theatre, Brighton, UK (Cameron Jamie soundtrack)
4 October 2005, Koko, London (Houdini Live)
11 December 2006, Scala, London (with Flipper)
12 December 2006, Zodiac, Oxford, UK
2 May 2007, Carling Academy, London
10 September, 2008, The Point, Cardiff, Wales
6 October 2008, Concorde 2, Brighton, UK
8 December 2009, The Garage, London

black stallion

not so many times unfortunately.i think i've seen them 4 times as Melvins and one as Fantomas Melvins,which was horrible.highlights are the last show they played in Italy on december 2009, together with my first Melvins show ever in 2000,with Kevin and DSS on second guitar


Quote from: jules on August 30, 2010, 05:25:23 AM
11 December 2006, Scala, London (with Flipper)

i don't know what it was that evening, but the sound there was fantastic!