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Started by bonzo, January 03, 2012, 06:46:01 PM

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Nice. Love Sam Dunn and Scot McFadyen's work. A Headbanger's Journey, Global Metal and Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage are all great documentaries.

Had not heard of this documentary series.


it was extremely strange to see buzz and dale on my television last night during the METAL EVOLUTION commercial.

it's like seeing a friend or familiar face you see everyday all of a sudden on the tube.
"Glen. You can totally go fuck yourself. I have no idea who you are and I really don't care." - Richie Goodtimes

Glen. You can totally go fuck yourself. I have no idea who you are and I really don't care.


i thought the same thing glen.  i was shocked just to see them on a list of "grunge" bands for the glam metal episode so i was flipping out when i saw the commercial.  it's great to see them get the recognition they deserve.  and yes, the melvins are definitely part metal.


Just watched a few days ago Headbangers Journey. Nice doc. I hope the Grunge episode will leak to a tube soon after it aired so i can watch it too.


It's on youtube but in terrible quality

suck poppet

I'm glad they gave so much screen time to creed and nickelback
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I watched about half of this yesterday. One dude gave Melvins alot of credit where credit was due, and they talked to the Melvins quite a bit.


ive been watching all the episodes and i was very discouraged and offended when i saw that the melvins were going to be a guest on the 'grunge' documentary.

nevertheless, they got quite a bit of air play which surprised me and like the above post said got alot of credit which  i like to see..
plus they almost fully played the lizzy music vid and i was happy.




Wrong in Bergen too. Is it on youtube? Link anyone?

Wait a minute, this is aired also in Norway, 2 episodes has been shown, what episode was this?


This was a pretty fun watch until they devoted so much time to such terrible bands at the end, i.e. Creed and Nickelback. Also, when they were talking about how some first wave grunge bands were doing reunion tours, they should have mentioned that the Melvins have continued to successfully exist as a band long after the peak of the grunge phase that "borrowed" so much from them.