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Started by camaroballa22, December 06, 2011, 06:29:41 PM

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I haven't posted in a while so I thought i'd go on a little rant. I know i'm preaching to the choir here, but I still think it's necessary.

In the day of the digital download, the Melvins are changing the way "physical" music is being sold. Limited releases, tour only releases, artwork pieces, on-line only pieces, the antique letterpress releases, the upcoming sugar daddy 7" single series, and now this new Scion release.
They are truly waaaaay ahead of the game.
What other band members are actually use their own sweat and blood to glue, print, press, and pack their own recordings!?
Seeing Buzz put together the endless residency sets, both the lp and cd sets is probably one of the single most gratifying experiences a fan can ever have. I look at those pictures and say damn, the lead singer from my most favorite band in the world actually made this with his own two hands.
Why aren't other bands catching on?
To me, there is nothing better than holding an album in your hand, the artwork, the sound quality. Fifteen years ago you needed to sell 100,000 copies the first week, to even  break the billboard charts, now you can break it with 2,000-5,000 units.
Since it's like that now, bands need to be more creative, more intuitive. Most would say the cd is dead and the LP has been dead for 20 years. SO NOT TRUE. Buzz has fully grasped and mastered the concept of a music collector, an artwork collector, an antique collector in the arena of the music industry.

In fact, i think the Melvins are UNDER-SELLING themselves. They sold all 520 copies of the endless set at $200-250 each. Now there all gone, next comes the limited to 100 set for $500 each. ABSOLUTELY genius. Same thing happened to the Black Betty 7". But the fact of the matter is, people buy their stuff for $50 at the show or online, and then flip it on ebay for 2-3 times the value. And guess what, it actually sells. And its NOT JUST a few, its at least 15-20% of their total production runs end up on ebay. With the recent spike in popularity the Melvins could and should sell their stuff at least 25% higher prices. More money for them, more tours, more releases.

I see other bands do some special release stuff on RSD, but i'm sorry, they mostly suck!
I stood in line like a jack-ass in march for the nirvana hormoaning ep. The sound quality was horrendous! I have a digital sourced bootleg i bought two years prior that is actually better!
I will applaud the remaining members of type o negative and the fellows at road runner records on the recent type o negative box set. A 12 lp box set on see through neon green vinyl of their 6 full length studio albums. 4 of the 6 records were never re-released. It was a stunningly beautiful box set. I wanted to get it, but again, didn't want to waste time in line, and i already had october rust and bloody kisses on vinyl which are my two fav's.

Over the last couple of years, I have been seeing the Melvins becoming more popular in the main stream. Buzz on red eye, Dale on Howard Stern, almost 1,000,000 views on the talking horse video on youtube. Even at shows, i've noticed a difference between the June '10 show at Webster Hall show and the June '11 Brooklyn show. The crowds were bigger, more lively and intense. I couldn't be happier for the guys will the uptick in popularity. Sure Melvins will never be number 1 on the charts, will never headline a stadium, will never get into the rock and roll hall of fame, but i'm happy with that. All i care about it seeing my guys not have to work and supply me with the energy to get me through life with their music.  Any funds I have allocated to them, I am more than happy to give them.

5-6 years ago i got into vinyl, and bought up everything Melvins I could. Got Lysol and bullhead for like $55 each. Snagged a sealed stoner witch for 67 sealed. Gluey and Ozma for less than 50. Today, Stoner Witch, Bullhead and Lysol are selling in the neighborhood of $90-125!! They have respectfully doubled in price.
Houdini has topped out at $150, respectfully. And i'm not even going to get into test pressings, some of which have hit $700+.
I want to get everything, but thats just not possible. Oh well, I can afford most but not all. I'll have to stay happy with that.
Anyways, heres to Buzz, Dale, Coady, Jared, Mackie, Haze, and anyone else I forgot or just don't know who keeps this train-a-rollin.
Thank you, love you, keep going.
"Sweet Melinda, the peasants call her the goddess of gloom.
She speaks good English and she invites you up into her room."


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thanks for those articles johnnyg, those are really great. Never saw them before. Good stuff.
"Sweet Melinda, the peasants call her the goddess of gloom.
She speaks good English and she invites you up into her room."

buddy holiday

totally agree.
melvins are special in so many ways and that's also a reason why i love to collect their stuff!
they are the perfect mix between underground and popular, that's why their stuff keeps increasing in its value.
i think once the melvins are no more they will get even more credit from all over the rock-world.

black stallion

there's no doubt Buzzo knows how to do his job

Dumpster D

Abide by the divine word of (The) Melvins.  [-o<

lead us by example *amen*

It would be great if more bands could be as cool as them.

but then I guess they wouln't be as special and unique, so quite a dilemma.

no band can seem to make the cut outside the music industry mainstream these days, used to be a time when you could be Black flag or The kennedys and do alright for a bit..I guess the great divide finally closed in when music companies fucked up and didn't jump on the Ipod bandwagon exactly. (what do I know?) what IS the future of rock and roll I ask you. What are the requirements to at least tread the thin and icy waters of showbiz now a days? (besides being rich) I mean how do you make a living selling rock and roll records? 

Buzz said it's not worth the effort to get started.  "don't do it!"

I think that sounds about right to me.

the melvins are not un-like a Billabong in many respects.

their meanderings have been cut off by time and wayworn direction.

What to do with limited release vinyl?  :-k

(rob a bank)

Mad Arab

There are many bands that are under the radar that do these things. Mostly you see this kind of stuff with local bands. It's no surprise the Melvins do this stuff because Buzz likes to collect cool limited stuff and operates under that philosophy.


He's an unabashed capitalist with a great sense of creativity. Remember that.
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Quote from: Jackie Treehorn on March 17, 2012, 01:13:11 PM
There are many bands that are under the radar that do these things. Mostly you see this kind of stuff with local bands.

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When it  bursts -- as it inevitably must -- the melvins collectible bubble will make the 2008 housing collapse seem like your 5-year-old nephew closing down his lemonade stand.
Can you all shut your damn cocks for one second? Music is the only thing that's real in this queef world of dildo ass chodes.

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Mad Arab

What they should do is take advantage of this scanning barcode craze that many businesses are doing and put out a collectible album that would enable you to scan a special barcode on your smart phone that gives you access to neat stuff like info on the making of said exclusive interview and things of that nature. Perhaps a downloadable b-side can be accessed too???