Unsane/Melvins 4/23/12 Orlando

Started by philiparisite, April 24, 2012, 03:02:27 PM

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Sold out show that was good from start to finish. Unsane's drummer was in the hospital so Coady played 1/3rd of their set, Dale another 1/3rd, and then both drummers finished off the set together. It was rad. The Melvins destroyed my brain as usual. The Melvins have still got it after 29 years of recording and touring. Go see them if you can its so worth it. Thanks to that dude eating pizza who sold me his extra ticket.


This tour's bringing new posters here too which is great!


Awesome show last night, my first time seeing the melvins as a headliner, third time overall. Great getting to see them in one of my favorite closet-sized venues. Really wish I would have remembered the ear plugs though. I'm still not sure how much of my hearing will survive the pounding it took at the show. Highlights for me were AMAZON, History of Bad Men and We are Doomed. I thought unsane was pretty decent despite the guitarist wearing a yankee hat.

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I'm still recovering from this show today. My body is sore from being rocked so hard! These guys are such professionals and are tight, if not tighter, as ever. Some of my favorite moments were Hung Bunny/Roman Bird Dog since I've never seen them play this live as well as all the stuff from The Bulls and the Bees, especially We Are Doomed because it's my favorite song on that album. Youth of America was badass too! I drove from Tallahassee just to see this show (oh, and go to Animal Kingdom, swill beers with my Orlando friend, etc.) Second time seeing Melvins at the Social (great venue), at least 10th time seeing them overall.

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Are Big Business playing this tour, or is this just Unsane opening?


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Highlights for me were AMAZON,

you mean Manky?

Yes, I did mean Manky. Apparently I got my Maggot songs confused. I also forgot to mention that I really dug the new tune from the upcoming Melvins Lite album.


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This tour's bringing new posters here too which is great!

I was thinking the same thing...   Lot's of new people around here

-Pretty cool


did they still have letterpress cds?
Well, we'll always have "In the Air Tonight." Will that be your most enduring song?
You know, that song won't lie down. It just won't go away. I mean, there's a Mike Tyson moment associated with it now. It's just bizarre. I guess it has a bit of mystery, a lot of atmosphere, and the drums coming in, pinning people to the wall.


Excellent show. The sound was dialed in and the crowd was nice. It was really good to hear a bass moo again. Been a while since that one. I have a lot of respect for the guys helping unsane out with the drumming duties.

Passed out the melvins.net remixes to Brian, Scott, and Jared.

Also, I was high as shit off of concentrated hash pills, pot brownies, and delicious beer. Taxi ride to hotel.
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This show knocked my dick in the dirt as usual. If anyone is interested, I managed to tape about 49 minutes of the show with my iPhone before I ran out of memory. I posted it on YouTube for those that want to watch. I believe it cuts off right after the song A Growing Disgust.
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Thank you. I can now start remembering the music.
"whiskey and axe handles"
- buzzo, boston, june 2010