Name Every City You Have seen the Melvins in

Started by GrimReaper, June 16, 2012, 12:35:55 AM

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Milwaukee, WI
Madison, WI
Chicago, IL
Libertyville, IL
Munster, IN

Well, that's 3 different states...
Hail, not fail.
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Metalhead Cow

Captain CoryCory

Indianapolis, IN
Louisville, KY

an't wait to see them in the same two cities again

suck poppet

Boise, Idaho
Portland, Oregon
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
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Olympia, WA
Salem, OR
Seattle, WA
Portland, OR
Eugene, OR
San Francisco, CA
Bend, OR
Minehead, UK
New York, NY
Boston, MA



las vegas, nv (8 times)
san diego, ca (1 time)
aneheim, ca (1time)
LA+costa mesa, ca, (4 times) including melvins lite and a show / adam jones
san francisco, ca (4 times) all ipecac nye bash's
new york, ny (3 times) geek tour 2003

plus the bigband (2 times) san francisco + new york.

23 shows overall including bigband! spanning from 1994 to present.

buddy holiday

zurich (ch)
fribourg (ch)
geneva (ch)
tilburg (nl)
london (uk)
brighton (uk)


charlotte, nc
winston-salem, nc
chapel hill, nc
baltimore, md
washington, dc
san jose, ca
san francisco, ca
santa fe, nm
salt lake city, ut


Cleveland Heights (Grog Shop 2 times)
Cleveland (Peabody's 1 time)




Pittsburgh, PA
Cleveland, OH
Baltimore, MD
Chicago, IL
Detroit, MI


Red Rocks
Hoboken (in Oct)


Cambridge, MA
Northampton, MA
Boston, MA
Troy, NY
Providence, RI
New Haven, CT

Hot Pants

NYC. done!

(New Haven come this Oct. and hopefully one other town on this tour maybe)
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