Clown test pressings for sale

Started by Buckwheat, November 06, 2013, 02:39:10 PM

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Whoa. I am reading this right ?
8 000 Euros ( eight thousand ) .
that is about 11, 500 canadian dollars give or take a bit .
that is bleeding mental .
And whoa whoa whoa .
O.E . you were carrying like ten grands on you for merch ?  Damn I wish I had your roll.
I am trying to mug grandmas to get enough scratch for the bloody helmet split .
Going back to school in your mid thirties ain't cheap, neither are Melvins vinyl habits .


Maybe he misplaced the decimal point? It should be 80.00?? no??

Dumpster D


Optimistically, or Misty optically... :D---- :cry: