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Started by Fishheadphil, December 05, 2012, 04:40:55 PM

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I live in the SF Bay area. In the 80-90s, my favorite band was the Butthole Surfers. They started out playing warehouses and small clubs around town and slowly built up to playing the Greek Theater. The early days with the Butts were riot good. Everyone would drop acid, they would bang this cymbal filled with lighter fluid and huge flames would shoot up. Naked dancers would grind and pretend to have sex on stage. all the while playing this grimy psychedelic rock, it was kinda like the circus came to town, but there was also an air of danger at the shows.dangerous clowns I guess was the thing.  anything could happen.  after some unbelievable great shows the band seemed to collapse.  that was a bit of a disappointment for me. they stopped touring for a while.
  I was looking for another great rock show to get into when I started going to the Ipecac Showcase at GAMH. the first one was Mike Patton, Isis, the Melvins. I had heard a buzz about the Melvins by this time but that was about it. There was a lot of great music that night but when Buzz got up and started shaking his head and playing insane on the guitar, that was it, I was hooked.
I have not missed at  show in SF since.


For some reason I kinda responded to all the merch as well, the iconography, I loved all the posters and shirts. The Book. they spoke to me as well as the music.
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Hummmm.  It's goes back a bit.  I grew up as a teenager in Los Angeles.  Very active in the Hollywood club scene from '72 - '78.  I played substitute bass for several of my friends punk bands back then, but am really more of an Artist than a Musician.  No discipline as a Musician, with a story common to Lori's.  For me Punk was over in '78.  I was drugged-out, burned-out and very sick of any scene.  I decided to return to college in '80.  When I first heard Melvins, I just thought they were a big rip-off of a scene that was now dead to me. Never liked a single grunge act at all!!  I have been a vinyl-junkie for 40+ years.  After being given a promo copy of OZMA (I still have it), I had a chance to see them, and then another down in San Diego in '90.  I loved OZMA from the start, but when I saw them play live is when it clinched the deal!!  I have also collected Velvet Underground since about '72.  When they covered and totally destroyed "Venus in Furs," I was just flipping out about them.  "Venus in Furs" is one of my favorite songs ever.

I have had my ups and downs with Melvins.  To me, they really needed the fresh start with the boys from "Big Business."  In fact, I recently had the opportunity to tell Cody how much I appreciated him joining the band!!  "(a) Senile Animal" is one of my favorite Melvins wreckords.  When people ask me what my favorite period is, it's right here, right now!  As an Artist and wreckord collector, things have never been better.  The stuff that they put out now is off-the-hook!!  To see them live is a fukin' religious experience as well.  What could be better than two drummers and two good vocalists??  It's just a huge wave of RAWK!!  They have never been more popular either.  I sincerely wish I had bought every cut-out copy of Stag, Stoner Witch, and even Houdini I ever saw.  I could take several months off work selling those!!

In essence, if you're a recent fan, this is it man!!
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I just realized that I failed to mention how I feel about Melvins Lite.  I played cello in grade school and like I said, bass later.  It's some of the most interesting musick they have ever done.  I had the same reaction seeing them live.  It's off-the-hook crazy good shit!!  From everything I have read on the BBS, It's pretty much the same reaction from the fans.
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Was introduced to gluey on vinyl by carl of his hero is gone in 1989. Saw them headline in Nashville march 30, 1990. After that, it was on!
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First time was when they opened  for Husker Du in 1985 at Gorilla Gardens. Can't remember who else played this show, but Melvins made a bigger impression than Husker Du. Hooked ever since. 


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Columbia House cassette club, 1993. I needed to pick a handful of cassettes to begin the club membership, and I was out of ideas on stuff I liked at the time (about 1993 or so). Saw the Melvins, ordered it. I wasn't familiar with them at all.

After I got my tapes, it became my favorite of that order. Shortly after I saw Hooch on 120 Minutes, or maybe Headbanger's Ball. And from there it spiraled out of control, by my standards.
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Quote from: Mortytoad on March 16, 2013, 02:52:01 PM
First time was when they opened  for Husker Du in 1985 at Gorilla Gardens. Can't remember who else played this show, but Melvins made a bigger impression than Husker Du. Hooked ever since.

You're not the first person I've heard talk about this show.  Or talk about how Melvins blew Husker Du off the stage. 

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Hum... I think the first time was when I discovered the "stoner rock" genre. I already heard about King Buzzo because of Nirvana, but at the moment I was not really into grunge and I never gave the Melvins a listen. One day in a record store, I found the album "STONER witch".... and yes I took it only for the name haha !

And I listened to "At The Stake". Nothing to add, isn't it ?
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The first time I heard Queen. I was like 14. Fucking changed my life.