Melvins @ Electric Brixton, London 19th & 20th May Roll Call

Started by Helen83, March 01, 2013, 05:10:08 AM

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Quote from: Riffwraith on May 21, 2013, 09:04:11 AM
Other than that fantastic sets both nights, never really listened too intently to the drums on Bullhead and Lysol before, or just not listened to them enough, think I might REALLY start to love those albums now  :D

Did you know that it is an actual fact that Lysol is the best thing ever? True story.


Shot from Sunday's show (I have many variations on this). Note Jared's home made armour and headgear :D


Quote from: BuffaloSmashFace on May 21, 2013, 09:36:07 AM
Thankfully there was a silver lining in all this, as we found a sympathetic voice from none other than Thurston Moore outside the Electric after we went to meet my mate after he had been kicked out. :D

I ran into Thurston in Notting Hill Music and Video Exchange earlier that day and had a quick chat with him... He said he was thinking about going to the show the night before, so I told him how brilliant it was and that they were playing again that night...

In the madness of crowdsurfers and security guards one of the lenses was knocked out of my glasses. Fuck knows how, but I managed to pick it up and put it back in without getting crushed...
Two brilliant shows. My 4th and 5th time seeing the Melvins, but definitely the best. Last time I saw them in London Coady was absent, so it was great to see him playing with them again. It's a totally different feel with two drummers. Jared's singing over Spread Eagle Beagle was brilliant! Where he climbed into the audience was right next to me too!
Bit more of a writeup and a couple of pictures here if anyone's interested