How/Where/When did you first hear of the melvins?

Started by laughingwlucifer65, August 25, 2013, 08:04:39 PM

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I didnt see a topic like this on page one...and i didnt feel like searching i want to know how you fuckers got ahold of the melvins

ill start from the beginning ...i grew up on the heavier music or like GOOD mom raised me right...i would always play led zeppelin 4 cassette when i was real real young....and of course all of my mom's ACDC vinyls:p like it would play constantly

I was always into the underground elementary school times....for example the soundtrack from Twisted Metal 3-4 (video game) had very miniscule bands like unheard of bands such as Ghoulspoon,,pitch minute silence...and i always loved the sound of something nobody you know has ever heard of especially those tunes...and remind you i was in like 2nd grade or before.

But anyways.....Back in like 3rd-4th grade i played tony hawks underground 2 frequently and sweet willy rollbar was on the time i didnt really think much of it but i always thought it was a bad ass wasnt until a few years later I listened to it again and i was like holy fucking shit i need i downloaded (yes, as in not supporting the artist as no record stores know who the melvins are around my place) lingered on my ipod for a few months before i REALLY listened to it...and hooch was the first song i got into...then of course Honey Bucket...and after that the rest is history :p

tell us your story

(the) flutter nuts

As a youngster  i was huge into Nirvana, Mudhoney and Tad and such and always heard of the Melvins but never ever had a chance to listen to them in the small little town i live in.
When i was in grade 9 i think around 98/99 i went to high school in a different city, i didn't know anyone there, but this dude in my english class wearing a Ministry filth pig t-shirt so i became friends with him. We had the same taste in tunes and were trading tapes, one time i traded him Nirvana outcesticide vol 3 and he gave me some old Spooky Kids demos but at the end he put on Honey Bucket and Sky Pup , those blew me away!!! Right after that i hunted down anything i could find the first being Stoner Witch then the Bootlicker.
I have not been the same since.
The Melvins have ruined every other band in the world for me.
They are just that good!
I got the shits real bad.


1994 Reading the liner notes of Nirvana Incestiside. Kurt mentions helping "Produce" his favorite bands album.
I see said album with awesome artwork in my local Record store (R.I.P.  :cry: )
My head is twisted off and I am never the same


I had heard of the Melvins but hadn't heard any of their music until I borrowed Stoner Witch from the library around '96 and immediately songs like Queen & Revolve just blew me away. Heavy, groovy & catchy covers all the essential food groups.


(the) flutter nuts

I got the shits real bad.

Satchel Paige

I was planning seeing Serj T. (with Ler and Brian from Primus playing) but my ride couldn't make it. So i asked what day he could go and I saw the Melvins coming up. Had no clue who they were, looked them up on youtube and rest is history. biggest waste of my life ever.

John Schuller

May 16th, 1987. Went to see D.R.I.

The Melvins were immediately my new favorite band (replacing Black Flag which replaced AC/DC which replaced KISS).

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A similar story for many my age, I'm sure - my friends and I were a little over the top interested in Nirvana - right around '95 or so. One of my buddies grabbed either Stoner Witch or Houdini (I don't recall) and brought it over - after we read about the Melvins in some Nirvana biography or interview or something. We would have been in 6th or 7th grade at this time. Saw them for the first time in 97 with Helmet and Skeleton Key at First Ave. in Minneapolis - been hooked ever since - and seen them near twenty times since.
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its funny - i never liked nirvana.
i always listened to them but kurts voice was just too annoying i mean the music was great but the vocals kinda ruined it


My friend Steve who was a huge Nirvana fan was telling me about them. He heard about them from that Come As You Are book and being the aforementioned huge Nirvana fan went out and bought Houdini and then Stoner Witch. He told me I needed to check them out so I ordered Stoner Witch myself from BMG Music Club, for some reason I never thought to ask him for a copy or if I could borrow it. Four to six weeks later the CD arrived and I put it on and was blown away. Being a guitar player I remember hearing Skweetis and (not knowing about drop D tuning at the time) was like "what the hell is he playing???" I listened to the CD a lot but admittedly didn't notice until the third or fourth time through listening that Sweet Willy Rollbar and Revolve were actually two different songs, the way they flowed together I thought it was one long song. I started reading up on them a bunch online from that old Melvins website MelvinsLand. I remember reading up on Stag that was coming out that summer but was apprehensive on picking it up, worried that it wouldn't be as good and kind of worried that, as much as I loved Stoner Witch, it would be their only good album. Finally the next spring I decided enough is enough and I would buy it, and when I was at Best Buy I noticed there was another new album out, Honky. I thought about it for a second, and said to myself "hell, just buy both!" so I did (there were some other albums there too like 10 Songs and Your Choice Live but I passed on them for some reason). Listening to those three albums really did me in and for the next couple of years I went out and bought all the back catalog and for about 5 years listened to pretty much nothing but Melvins and my other big obsession Mr. Bungle. So, uh, yeah.   
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I inherited (stole) my older brother's Melvins cassette collection when
he went off to college in the early 90's. I've been a believer ever since!


I was with my friend and we saw "with yo heart not yo hands" at a local record shop so I picked it up. The tracks were cool but what was really unique was the sound of Buzz's voice. I was instantly hooked. I then decided to order what was listed as their "Self titled" album, thinking I'd start at the beginning. When I got it (Lysol) in the mail I was confused and overwhelmed. (No tracklisting, ad the a-side being one long track, I wasn't even sure what sped to play it at!) I liked it but it took me a while to fully appreciate it. Over the next year or so I acquired Bullhead, Ozma, Eggnog and Gluey Porch Treatments. Shortly after I got to experience Houdini as a new anticipated release and was fully hooked.
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