How/Where/When did you first hear of the melvins?

Started by laughingwlucifer65, August 25, 2013, 08:04:39 PM

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It was (almost) 20 yrs ago today... ok sorry, bad joke, but let me roll with it..

Walking into Roseland Ballroom NYC Oct 93 because I was big into Primus the headliners, coming up the left hand side. Buzz and Dale are up there rocking the fuck out real heavy and slow (I didn't really know Sabbath at all at that point). As I say I'm a MTV suburban teen who likes the new alternative & weird rock (Primus, various generation-lollapalooza bands) but I don't know this band except their name from the Primus ticket, and I have no idea about the members, and barely any of the Nirvana connection stuff but maybe that their drummer was in Nirvana at some point before Teen Spirit.

I remember someone saying 'they're like the Cows' but I had no idea who the Cows were. I liked Mudhoney's EGBDF album & the black Sub Pop album but that's my only clue to the 'Melvins' at this point. I'm standing there doing the 'I don't know the opener' stare (probably with a Primus t-shirt on etc.) & just thought 'man this is so heavy', 'hey is it this really slow on purpose?' and 'wow that one dude has huge hair'. I'm pretty sure the song was Hag Me. And when they started playing one of the faster ones I thought the drummer really kicked ass.

The one other thing I remember that night was I met Les Claypool after their set, on the side grandstand thingy, because a friend knew someone at the club. I asked him to write something cool on my army jacket, that was actually from vietnam (from a friend's father) and already had stuff drawn on it. he sharpied a quick happy face and signature. (I should've really kept that jacket, don't know what happened to it but it's all TRUE)

I also just wanted to say that when Ipecac put out The Maggot & The Bootlicker in the summer of 1999 and I had the class D with the two 10s in the trunk shaking the whole car along to that & Mr. Bungle California in my little cigarette lighter powered cd player with the killer three-tiered "Bass Boost" button (take that , iCrap!). The Maggot absolutely melting the cars behind me in my rearview. That had to be the absolute pinnacle of my personal Melvinmania.


1989. Karl of his hero is gone (my bassist at the time) intro'd me to gpt.
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