BO and DC C.onsequence O.f S.ound Interview

Started by Yanayaya, November 15, 2013, 06:17:10 PM

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To quote BO;  "But, having said that, if you look at all the records that were released each year, I like about the same percentage of those records as I ever did. It's just that my record collection has only expanded because years have gone by. There's a few bands that slip through the cracks, and you go, "Wow, I really like this." And then you buy it. But, by and large, it's very few."

That is EXACTLY how I discovered Melvins with Ozma.  I really don't care much for any of their contemporaries (or most of 80s music for that matter).  When I think about it, the 70s were a bit more exciting to me.  I was a teenager then, and most likely, my standards were just lower...

Good interview here:
Al que está vivo todo le falta y al que está muerto todo le sobra.

Captain CoryCory

I love the part where he addressed people bickering about the traditional covers on Tres Cabrones.

Because, you know, when I want a serious Melvins album I'm totally going for the one that opens with a song about being shitfaced drunk, has a song named after Alaskan toilets, was produced by a junkie and closes with ten minutes of percussion.

black stallion

QuoteDC: Yeah. Yeah... [Laughs.] There are a couple of songs I really like his drumming a lot on, too, where it's like, "Wow, that's so cool, I never would have thought to play it like that." And that's really great, you know, to hear that kind of stuff. Now I really want to play it live, and I want to learn it. He won't really be able to play with us. He won't be able to tour that much with us. He's got a regular job, a wife, three kids. A union job. So, he won't be able to tour too much, but there are a few songs I'd really like to learn to play on drums.




Damn, we're already getting a new album next spring?!  Sweet!  I wonder what could possibly be head scratching about it. 
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black stallion


black stallion

i hope they'll do an album involving just the two of them,Buzz and Dale