if someone were about to buy his first melvins album...

Started by mike, August 01, 2004, 10:05:26 PM

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Ozma is better than GPT in my opinion, but that's just what i think.  Bullhead is probably a little more accessible.


go and get honky or prick. then you will see what the melvins are really about.

Methadone Bus

It must be Lysol or Bullhead....

Joe Preston's solo album is grand, as well



i think the most excessible record is houdini, i think that's the one to start with if  you want to get to know the melvins
my personal fav is ozma, gpt or bullhead..i can't decide which one of these i like best heh


bullhead is great, but i would never say greatest...
pickup stag, lysol(melvins),h.a.t., gpt...then get back to us...
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get bullhead or gluey porch treatments. Bullhead was my first one and my favorite.


.  :D


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I started off with Houdini and Stoner Witch so i would go for both of them aswell as Bullhead. Either way you cant go wrong  :lol:


i think everyone has it right on here, get stoner witch, houdini, HAT or Lysol (s/t) first as they will probably be the easiest for someone just getting into them to enjoy, although there are a lot of opitons, some of which i have yet to hear (like electroretard)

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My frist was Stoner Witch. That, Ozma, Gluey Porch Treatments, and 10 songs are all good starters.