how many times have you seen melvins live?

Started by theNotoriouslemmyRamone, August 29, 2010, 07:35:08 PM

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John Schuller

Time for an update!

05/16/1987 @ Crescent Ballrom, Tacoma WA (w/DRI/Poison Idea/Painted Willie)

01/20/1990 @ Legends, Tacoma WA (w/Nirvana, Machine and drunk Matt Lukin)

02/12/1993 @ Capitol Theater, Olympia WA (Midnight concert)
11/27/1993 @ Off Ramp, Seattle WA {w/No Talent)
11/28/1993 @ Off Ramp, Seattle WA (w/Plainfield)

11/09/1994 @ DV8, Seattle WA (w/L7)
11/12/1994 @ Capitol Theater, Olympia WA (Midnight "Quiet" concert w/Lice)

04/06/1995 @ King Cat Theater, Seattle WA (w/Acid King)

10/08/1996 @ La Luna, Portland OR (3 Sets!)

06/25/1999 @ Breakroom, Seattle WA (w/Enemymine)

04/07/2000 @ Showbox, Seattle WA (w/Leif Garret)

05/12/2001 @ Showbox, Seattle WA (w/Hank Williams III)

05/14/2002 @ Showbox, Seattle WA (w/Dead Low Tide)
05/15/2002 @ Hell's Kitchen, Tacoma WA (w/Dead Low Tide)
05/16/2002 @ The Go Club, Olympia WA (w/Dead Low Tide)
05/19/2002 @ Crystal Ballroom, Portland OR (w/Dead Low Tide)

05/05/2003 @ Showbox, Seattle WA (w/Skeleton Key)

03/07/2004 @ Showbox, Seattle WA (20th Anniversary w/Big Business, Mudhoney)
03/09/2004 @ Capitol Theater, Olympia WA (20th Anniversary w/Mudhoney)
07/25/2004 @ Capitol Hill Block Party, Seattle WA
12/30/2004 @ Neumo's, Seattle WA (Jello - vocals, Adam Jones - guitar, David Scott Stone - bass)

01/01/2005 @ Electric Heavyland, Seattle WA (afternoon show with Buzz on Bass, Ursula Stuart on Bass, Adam Jones on Guitar)
11/02/2005 @ Neumo's, Seattle WA (Melvins set, then a Jelvins set)

02/17/2007 @ Warehouse Space, Los Angeles CA (snuck into an invite only show!)
07/27/2007 @ Troubadour (Trevor Dunn on bass - perform Eggnog/Lysol)
09/15/2007 @ Henry Fonda, Los Angeles CA ( perform Houdini set w/Flipper and Mudhoney)

07/15/2008 @ Amoeba Music, Los Angeles CA
11/28/2008 @ Troubadour, Los Angeles CA (w/Big Business, PORN)

10/18/2009 @ Club Nokia, Los Angeles CA (w/Butthole Surfers)

01/07/2011 @ Spaceland, Los Angeles CA (performing Eggnog, Lysol, COD)
01/14/2011 @ Spaceland, Los Angeles CA (performing Houdini w/Melvins 1983)
01/21/2011 @ Spaceland, Los Angeles CA (performing Bullhead w/ Melvins Lite)
01/28/2011 @ Spaceland, Los Angeles CA (performing Stoner Witch)
07/13/2011 @ Velvet Jones, Santa Barbara CA (Melvins Lite)

04/13/2012 @ Troubadour, Los Angeles CA (w/Unsane)
04/19/2012 @ Mohawk, Austin TX (w/Unsane and Same Sack)
04/20/2012 @ Warehouse, Houston TX (w/Unsane)
04/21/2012 @ One Eyed Jacks, New Orleans LA (w/Unsane)
07/08/2012 @ Subliminal Projects, Los Angeles CA (Melvins = Dale and Buzz)
10/24/2012 @ Hollywood Forever Cemetery (w/Hepa-Titus)
12/31/2012 @ King Eddie Ballroom, Los Angeles CA (w/Redd Kross)

08/16/2013 @ Neumo's, Seattle WA (w/Honky)
08/17/2013 @ Neumo's, Seattle WA (w/Honky)
08/27/2013 @ Pappy & Harriet's, Pioneertown CA (w/Honky)

10/18/2014 @ Showbox, Seattle, WA (w/Les Butcherettes)

01/04/2015 @ Permanent Records, Los Angeles CA (Melvins = Dale and Buzz)
08/26/2015 @ Pappy & Harriet's, Pioneertown CA (w/Big Business)
10/24/2015 @ The Echo, Los Angeles CA (Melvins Lite)
10/31/2015 @ The Echo, Los Angeles CA (Pinkus on bass w/Hepa-Titus)

03/22/2016 @ Pappy & Harriet's, Pioneertown CA (Steven McDonald on bass w/The Side Eyes)
03/23/2016 @ The Continental Room, Fullerton CA (Steven McDonald on bass w/The Side Eyes)
05/01/2016 @ Showbox, Seattle WA (Steven McDonald on bass w/Napalm Death, Melt Banana)
05/07/2016 @ The Troubadour, Los Angeles CA (Steven McDonald on bass w/Napalm Death, Melt Banana)
07/27/2016 @ The Regent, Los Angeles CA (Buzz on Acoustic Guitar, Dale on cocktail kit, Steven McDonald on bass w/ Colossus of Destiny screening)
08/03/2016 @ Backstage Bar & Billiards, Las Vegas NV (Steven McDonald on bass w/Helms Alee)
12/31/2016 @ Pappy & Harriet's, Pioneertown CA (Steven McDonald on bass w/Redd Kross, OFF!)

01/28/2017 @ Fonda Theater, Los Angeles CA (w/Sleep)
07/07/2017 @ Troubadour, Los Angeles CA
08/22/2017 @ The Echo, Los Angeles CA

07/13/2018 @ Troubadour, Los Angeles CA

09/25/2019 @ Troubadour, Los Angeles CA

01/17/2020 @ La-La Land Gallery, Los Angeles CA

10/29/2022 @ Lodge Room, Los Angeles CA

05/11/2023 @ Palladium, Los Angeles CA
08/29/2023 @ Mystic Theater, Petaluma CA


06/13/95 Electric Lounge, Austin, TX
09/22/97 Irving Plaza, NYC -- with Helmet
04/28/01 Irving Plaza, NYC -- with Folk Implosion, Skeleton Key
04/29/03 HOB, Anaheim, CA -- with Tomahawk, Skeleton Key
11/16/05 Henry Fonda Theater, L.A. -- set with Jello, set just Melvins, Altamont opened
11/30/06 Troubadour, L.A. -- with Big Business, Porn, Altamont
03/15/07 Stubbs, Austin, TX -- SXSW with Boris, Pelican, Panthers
07/27/07 Troubadour, L.A. -- performing 'Eggnog' and 'Lysol'
09/15/07 Henry Fonda Theater, L.A. -- with Mudhoney, Flipper
12/30/07 Echoplex, L.A. -- with 400 Blows
10/18/09 Club Nokia, L.A. -- with Butthole Surfers, Psychic Ills
06/01/10 Casbah, San Diego, CA -- with Totimoshi
06/18/10 Webster Hall, NYC -- with Isis, Totimoshi
09/15/10 Troubadour, L.A. -- with Totimoshi
01/07/11 Satellite, L.A. -- performing 'Colossus of Destiny,' 'Lysol,' 'Eggnog'
01/14/11 Satellite, L.A. -- performing 'Houdini,' plus set as Melvins 1983
01/21/11 Satellite, L.A. -- performing 'Bullhead,' plus set as Melvins Lite
01/28/11 Satellite, L.A. -- performing 'Stoner Witch'
04/13/12 Troubadour, L.A. -- with Unsane
10/24/12 Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, L.A. -- (Melvins Lite) with Hepa/Titus
12/31/12 Alexandria Hotel Ballroom, L.A. -- with Redd Kross
10/23/14 Troubadour, L.A. -- with Les Butcherettes
01/04/15 Permanent Records, L.A.
08/28/15 Observatory, Santa Ana, CA -- with Big Business
10/24/15 The Echo, L.A. (Melvins Lite)
10/31/15 The Echo, L.A. -- with Hepa/Titus
03/22/16 Pappy & Harriet's, Pioneertown CA -- with The Side Eyes
05/07/16 Troubadour, L.A. -- with Napalm Death and Melt Banana
01/27/17 Henry Fonda Theater, L.A. -- with Sleep
08/22/17 Echo, L.A. -- with Spotlights
08/16/18 Echoplex, L.A. -- with Boris
09/05/19 Troubadour, L.A. -- with Redd Kross
01/18/20 La-La Land Gallery, L.A. (semi-acoustic)
02/16/20 Sweet Springs Saloon, Los Osos, CA -- with Hepa-Titus and Cunts
06/16/22 Pappy&Harriet's, Pioneertown, CA -- with Helms Alee and Harsh Mellow
10/29/22 Lodge Room, L.A. -- with Mala Suerte
05/11/23 Palladium, L.A -- with Mr. Bungle and Spotlights
08/24/23 Belasco, L.A. -- with Boris


Ok, I finally sat down with the tour history and figured it out.  Some of the details are a little hazy, which I call myself out for on a few of them.  Last night was #35 which was actually a few more than I had guesstimated. 

November 9, 1994 – Seattle, WA - DV8 w/ L7, Wool.  Got there late and missed Wool.  The people I was with were too cool for L7, so I didn't get to see them either.

June 22, 1995 – Spokane, WA – Convention Center w/ White Zombie, Babes In Toyland.  Crowd were total dicks to Babes and not much better for Melvins who played a handful of songs and then just made total noise for almost 10 minutes at the end with Buzz crawling off the stage.  I saw more than a few shoes get thrown at the stage.

July 30, 1996 – George, WA – Lollapalooza @ the Gorge Amphitheater.  They played one of the two side stages set up right next to each other.  At the end of their set they said "stick around for our friends the Cows" who played next.  A buddy of mine was a photographer and had shot them when they played that White Zombie show I was at.  He gave me an 11x17 black and white picture of Buzz that he developed and I was dumb enough to bring it with me but somehow, I bumped into him walking around in the crowd and he signed it for me.

October 10, 1996 – Seattle, WA – RockCandy.  Evening With The Melvins - 3 sets.  I got a Melvins Army shirt and I saw Pat Smear in the crowd.

August 16, 1998 – Nampa, ID – Amphitheater (can't remember what its name was back then) w/ Tool.  Made the long drive down from Spokane with three girls.  We ate some mushrooms and the whole show blew me away.

June 30, 1999 – Spokane, WA – Ichabod's North Tavern w/ Enemymine.  My first band played this club all the time and even practiced upstairs for a while.  The promoter called me weeks before when he got the show booked.  He said he tried to get my band on the bill but they specifically said no local openers.  He ended up having some medical issues so I "designed" the flyer for the show and I had to help him shop for their rider the day of the show.

April 5, 2000 – Portland, OR – Roseland Theater.  The 2x4 tour.  The first set was mostly (all?) covers and Leif Garrett came out and did Smells Like Teen Spirit with them (he barely got the words right).

May 11, 2001 – Portland, OR – Pine Street Theater w/ Hank III.  Dale played drums for some (all?) of Hank's set.

May 19, 2002 – Portland, OR – Crystal Ballroom w/ Dead Low Tide.  I don't remember a lot about this show because I was hanging out with a girl I liked, and I think we had been drinking for a few hours before the show.   

March 6, 2004 – Portland, OR – Crystal Ballroom w/ Mudhoney, Fitz of Depression.  Pretty sure it was this show....I was standing in line for a beer and noticed Krist Novoselic standing next to me.  I had previously heard that he was running or thinking about running for Lieutenant Governor of Washington.  I told him I would vote for him if he ran (even though I was no longer a Washington resident) and he ended up shaking my hand and gave me some of his campaign materials, which I still have.

November 4, 2005 – Portland, OR – Crystal Ballroom w/ Altamont, The Hunches.  Must have got there late because I don't remember The Hunches.  Altamont played and then without a break they just went into a noise interlude that morphed into the Melvins set and then Jello came out and they did a Jelvins set including a number of DK songs.

September 9, 2006 – Portland, OR – Roseland Theater w/ Big Business.  First Big Melvins tour and I was blown away watching Dale and Coady together.

December 30, 2006 – Portland, OR – Roseland Theater w/ Big Business, PORN, Red Fang.  Another one with just fuzzy memories due to being in full holiday party mode.

September 9, 2007 – Portland, OR – Wonder Ballroom.  The tour history doesn't list an opener.  Did Big Biz open every tour when it was Big Melvins?

July 25, 2008 – Portland, OR – Wonder Ballroom w/ Big Business.  Was this the tour where there was a film to open the whole show?

May 24, 2009 – Portland, OR – Roseland Theater.  25th Anniversary Tour.  Melvins 1983 opened and for the main set they had Trevor Dunn on bass and did Houdini throughout the set.  I flew home a day early from Maryland Death Fest for this show.

August 12, 2009 – Portland, OR – Roseland Theater w/ Down.  Melvins were great.  Down never really did much for me.  I decided to stick around for them but left after 3 songs.

September 24, 2010 – Portland, OR – Roseland Theater w/ Totimoshi.  I think this is one tour that I took some friends with me who had never heard them and they fell in love.

July 18, 2012 – Portland, OR – Hawthorne Theater.  Melvins Lite warm up tour for the 51 in 51 tour.  I skipped the actual Portland 51 in 51 date a few weeks later because it was part of MusicFest NW and I figured the crowd was going to be stupid.

August 20, 2013 – Portland, OR – Wonder Ballroom w/ Honky.  30th Anniversary tour and I just remember this one being one of my favorite shows up to that point.

June 18, 2014 – Portland, OR – Hawthorne Theater.  King Buzzo solo acoustic w/ Steve Turner.  I was standing in the crowd at one point and out of the corner of my eye I noticed the person standing next to me seemed way taller than me.  I turned to look and it was Krist Novoselic. 

October 19, 2014 – Portland, OR – Roseland Theater w/ Le Butcherettes.  Another one where I took some friends who had never seen them and they loved both bands.

July 11, 2015 – Minneapolis, MN – Grumpy's Bash 15.  Not knowing how Bash worked, I had told myself that I'm not going to have any beers until the Melvins start playing.  Was a pleasant surprise when I found out they were going on at 2pm.

September 7, 2015 – Portland, OR – Wonder Ballroom w/Big Business.  Another show that I took someone who had never seen them.  He was actually a drum teacher and his mouth was wide open while he watched Dale and Coady together.

May 1, 2016 – Seattle, WA – Showbox w/ Napalm Death, Melt Banana.  I was scheduled to be out of town for work on the Portland date, so I bused it up to Seattle because I was not going to miss this tour.  I had purchased my bus tickets and booked my hotel room and then found out the show was sold out.  A good friend knows the Napalm guys so he got me on their guestlist but he said I had to do him a favor.  He had just opened a pizza joint in Seattle and wanted me to take pizzas to the bands.  Luckily Grim met up with me and helped me deliver the 6 giant pies.

August 11, 2016 – Minneapolis, MN – Grumpy's.  The Prick re-release party.  I was standing in the crowd not too far back from the stage waiting for them to start when someone poked me on the shoulder.  It was Buzz smiling, asking if he could get through to the stage.

July 12, 2017 – Portland, OR – Hawthorne Theater w/Spotlights.  Another slightly fuzzy one due to some pre-show fun with friends but I remember it being a great show.

July 22, 2017 – Minneapolis, MN – Grumpy's Bash 17.  I was prepared to spend stupid amounts of money on merch for me and at least 4 other people that weren't going who gave me money.  Right away I started having ATM issues because my bank saw that I spent money in Portland and Minneapolis in the same day.  Even after talking to customer service twice, it kept happening so I ended up having to Uber over the bridge to St. Paul to the only branch of my bank that was open and make a giant withdrawal.  Luckily Idle, DC and I got an Airbnb a block away from Grumpy's so we got there early to get merch, haul it back to the room to keep it safe and then go rock out.  I noticed Mark Arm standing behind the stage watching them for quite a while.  Mudhoney's set later that night was awesome.

July 20, 2018 – Portland, OR – Wonder Ballroom w/ Modpods.  Ran into some friends from Spokane earlier in the day.  Later while getting some dinner at a place down the street from the venue, I went to pay and the server said someone had already taken care of it, which ended up being those friends.  To pay it forward, I covered Steven's dinner who was sitting a couple seats away from me.

May 3, 2019 – Tacoma, WA – Elk's Temple w/Helms Alee, Holy Grove.  Took the train up from Portland.  Helms Alee covered At The Stake to close their set.  Had second row balcony seats so it was one of the best views I've had of Dale.

September 10, 2019 – Eugene, OR – WOW Hall w/ Redd Kross, Toshi.  Was my second time seeing Redd Kross.  Dale is like a whole different drummer when he plays with them but in a good way.  We saw a funnel cloud on the drive down.

April 16, 2022 – San Francisco, CA – The Warfield w/Ministry, Corrosion of Conformity.  This was my first concert after the world opened back up and I couldn't have asked for a better first show back.  I hadn't seen live music since November 2019 when I saw Slayer's last tour with Primus and Ministry.  Kind of cool that Ministry bookended my Covid break from live music.

July 15, 2022 – Spokane, WA – The Knitting Factory w/ Helms Alee, Harsh Mellow.  Met up with some old friends who brought a few of their kids, one of which was a 14 year old girl who had recently started playing bass.  She was mesmerized by Steven.

May 21, 2023 – Portland, OR – Crystal Ballroom w/ Mr Bungle, Spotlights.  I've said it a number of times over the years but this may have been in their top 3 sets that I've seen.  Yet another where I had a friend with me who'd never even heard them and he couldn't quit talking about it afterward.

September 2, 2023 – Spokane, WA – Knitting Factory w/ Boris, Mr Phylzzz.  Most of Bullhead and a handful of other classics.  Coady filling in on drums for a sidelined Dale.  It was so great seeing him play Melvins songs again.