The Colossus of Destiny: A Melvins Tale

Started by Idlehanz, January 30, 2015, 07:59:04 PM

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Peto Wilson

I was at the San Francisco screening as well and thought it was very good, I think everyone will have there interpretation of what they would have liked to see but this was well done and well perseved from the audience in attendance. To those who have yet to see it, your in for a treat.
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I wrote about it at the PuffingtonHost If anybody is interested in my thoughts.

Feel free to share it around on facebooks, or tweet it to your snapchats or whatever so that it can eventually sit next to the latest Kardashian antics or whatever.
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Wow! Thanks Conan. Finally, I have a reason to log onto that site!  :lol:
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Big love to Hanzy and Bob! Holy shit this thing was good! Really made for true fans that understand the backstory. It could have been ten hours long but hey... Looking forward to the extras on the DVD!!!!

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Can't wait to see this still.

Btw, if anyone is interested in voting, the IMDb Page is up

The Colossus of Destiny: A Melvins Tale
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Captain CoryCory

The hype for this is more and more real. Can't wait to see the whole thing.


When are the kickstarter dvds/blu rays supposed to be released?

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This was just posted on the C.O.D The Facebook page.

Hey friends, Lets just get right to the point.
We know you're anxious to see the movie and we are really anxious to show it to you. But please keep this in mind that we are two guys with day jobs who made a film about The Melvins. A big studio didn't make it and we don't have a team of people on hand doing publicity and lining up a worldwide screening in every town and city across the globe. We know you want to have the movie shown in your town and we are slowly trying to get as many screenings out there as possible.
We are extremely proud of this movie and we want it to be seen in a real cinematic environment, because ultimately that is the best way a film should be experienced. We want to have Q+A's afterwards and meet the fans where possible. It's been very fulfiling for us to show the movie and see the reaction to it first hand at the handful of screenings we have done so far. It's as exciting for us as it is for you. We are in correspondence with people everyday about showing the film in theaters and at film festivals, and we will hopefully be able to announce a bunch more screenings starting in October.
We know the people who contributed to the kickstarter want their dvd's and we promise we are working on it. There is so much extra footage that we want to include on the discs but please realize that this is going to take a little more time than planned. But we will work out a way in early 2017 where the contributors can get an online version of the film to watch.
If you look around at other films that are made, they do not just get put out as soon as the final cut is mixed. If we send it out to everyone right away then it will lose it's value due to online pirating and sharing. This is our prized project that we worked for years to achieve and we don't want to just watch it fall from under our control. We are certainly not cheating anyone out of anything, and everyone will get what they are entitled to, but please be patient and respect what we have achieved upto now.
Thanks so much for your understanding
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I got the shits real bad.

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I am totally down with waiting for the DVD/Blu-Ray. Good things come to those of us who wait. :)


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Pretty pumped for this. Got tickets for the capital theatre screening in Washington.

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