Three Men and a Baby

Started by goldennuggetrecordings, March 04, 2016, 07:46:26 PM

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Quote from: amazonAMAZON on September 25, 2021, 11:15:56 AM
The Internet says this album was supposed to be '99. Anyone know whether it originally would have come out before, after, or during the trilogy?

After. The Maggot was released in May 99, and recording only started on this one sometime that year. 

"These are the facts we can be sure of: in 1998, around the time his band godheadSilo went on hiatus, bassist/vocalist Mike Kunka busied himself by tagging along on a tour with his friends the Melvins. Somewhere along the way, Mike and the Melvins – King Buzzo (guitar/bass/vocals), Dale Crover (drums/vocals), and Kevin Rutmanis (bass/vocals), at the time – decided to make a record together, and gave the project the imaginative moniker Mike and the Melvins. Sub Pop, ever on the hunt for music's Next Big Thing, enthusiastically agreed to fund and release the super-group's debut, and recording commenced sometime in 1999."


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