Buzz Osborne's Favorite Guitarists

Started by (PAUL), October 17, 2017, 06:56:35 PM

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Hail, not fail.
PS:  fuck him.


Quote(I included Neil Hagerty on this because I don't know who plays what.)


Totally agree on Jon Spencer

Mount Ambulance

Yeah that's a good dive into some great/interesting players ...

Spencer & Hagerty, (not just Pussy G but also JSBX/Royal Trux) Sage, Pierce & Dotson (If it's Gun Club I gots to add Powers as well), Hazel ...

lota unsung talent there ... nice to have Buzz shine a light on 'em
It was a big night out on the town for the Id and the Reptile Brain ...

like a brick wall, like a dream waiting to be!



I've been hoping for a Bridge of Sighs cover for years and years....boom! Do it Buzz!
Also melvins is gay cuz some of their songs are just noise, i tell you this so you all don't buy albums and find out only one two songs is good on them.

Dumpster D

Very cool, Glad he Mentioned JSBE too, Those guys have that style and sound That's Just Diamonds in the rough with those 50's Tube amps and dumpster Guitars. It's that one Firebird guitar that looks like a 60's Starter Kit guitar that I love so much, It's all old and beat-off looking. That's where the magic is generated on top of those guys knowing how to get the magic out of their old gear.

Cool cool.


Jon Spencer...   he's so loose he's button tight.     nothing like Buzz's style at all.   I guess I'm glad Buzz appreciates him. 
"Glen. You can totally go fuck yourself. I have no idea who you are and I really don't care." - Richie Goodtimes

Glen. You can totally go fuck yourself. I have no idea who you are and I really don't care.


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Dumpster D

I never would have figured him to be such a big fan of Weedeater either. Those guys were awesome live.

Chief Ten Beers

 Cool list. The Trower choice sort of surprised me. Obviously Buzz has good taste in music & knows his shit, but I didn't expect that mention. Bridge Of Sighs is an awesome song/album, the only one you really need. Saw the man live once, back in '00. He still had it then, and I'm sure does today. I recently found a good live album of his, from like a year or so before Bridge Of Sighs, "Trower Live!" also on Chrysalis.

Nice props to Shep, Hazel, & Hidalgo too. 8)


He makes his love for Miles Davis' electric era work so public that I'm surprised Pete Cosey/Reggie Lucas aren't one of these mentions. I guess there is a pretty big difference in what they play though, so it makes sense.
I'm just some punk teenager.


and no experimental musicians, either. :nerd: