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Started by Idlehanz, May 06, 2009, 11:07:17 PM

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That really is my ride.  I just can't afford the bling to personalize the plate.  I can only afford some shitty knockoff Ozma stickers that I got off Ebay  :lol:
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Those stickers are great, I've never seen them before.  We should boot some for ourselves.

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Quote from: bUTTHOLEmAN on June 05, 2009, 11:10:43 PM
Those stickers are great, I've never seen them before.  We should boot some for ourselves.
glen wanna make some snivlem stickers?
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digging up the dead here, but i was just thinking of this show and watching all the videos from it... i have to say A) i didnt care too much for green rivers set at the time and felt like it took eternity for it to end... and im listening to it now wondering if id change my mind, but no. its still kinda shitty haha glad i can say i saw it though lol. and B) houdini was cool... but it wouldve been SOOO much cooler had they done all stuff from the lukin/washington days... like had they played all stuff they wouldve played at the same time as green river. i mean they did the 83 stuff which was soooo cool! but if they wouldve done 10 songs or gluey porch treatments instead of houdini it wouldve been sooo cool!!! but maybe its cause i find houdini to be not that great in comparison to everything else theyve done.

anyway, wish i could go back in time and my age now and see both shows.